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everyday heroes

October 29, 2014

My husband lost his wedding ring on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and he was playing football with our boys and friends at our school park. It wasn’t until later that afternoon that he realized he did not have his ring on.  I quickly sent out a note on our neighborhood Facebook page asking if anyone had a metal detector we could borrow. No one did, but we were lucky to have amazing friends and even neighbors we hadn’t met- come to the park and walk barefoot on the cold ground trying to help us find the ring that night. When it became dark, we headed back home feeling unsure that we would find it again.

Doing what he does so well, Tom started researching how to find a missing ring- there were many helpful sites- and a couple of them pointed us in the direction of contacting local hobbyists with metal detectors. Tom wrote to three people/clubs late Sunday night. On Monday, we offered a $100 reward at the school in hopes the kids would look at recess. By Monday afternoon, we still hadn’t found it.

Later in the afternoon, a man from Denver contacted my husband. He said he would happy to drive up (an hour drive) this weekend if he hadn’t found it. He has had a lot of success finding rings for people and even blogs about it. We checked out his blog and were totally impressed. What a nice guy!

The second call came from a man in Loveland who is retired and told Tom that if his ring was out in a field, he would find it for him. He had won all sorts of awards for his recoveries and couldn’t have been nicer. Tom told him he would gladly pay him a reward and he said “I don’t want a reward. I just want to get your ring back.” He met Tom at the field 30 minutes later. Over an hour later, I watched this man with his metal detector leaning down to the ground and Tom walking towards him. From a distance I saw them hug and I quickly told the kids “He found it!” We all ran to this man and hugged him. He couldn’t have been more humble. Tom knew he didn’t want a reward so we asked him if we could donate to a charity he cares about- and again, he said “I could tell how much this ring means to you so I wanted to come up tonight to help.” With that, he headed home.

Life Lessons. Everyday Heroes. People are Good.

I am purposely not sharing his name or his picture in this post as we feel that he didn’t want any recognition. If he does see this post, we want him to know this story has touched not only our family, but my neighborhood and friends. Thank you.

surprise! icemaker turned candy dispenser

October 27, 2014

candy-from-ice-makerLove this idea for an Icemaker turned candy dispenser- my kids would not believe their luck! May have to do this on a birthday morning soon!

october reader favorites

October 22, 2014

turkeyOne of the perks of having a blog is that I get emails from readers with their favorite things! My inbox has been piling up- so it’s time to share-

From my sister-in-law Katie- kids capes!

From Bakerella- (okay, I don’t think she’s a reader, but I thought these were so cute!) Mini Mummies

From Jill- We are loving this Carmel Apple Dip- super easy and yummy!  And this one pan meal- Tuscan Chicken Skillet

From Kristy- A woman in my bookclub made these Beef Skewers last night and they were really good!

From Diana- My friend said this is the best cake she has ever had! Love that turkey cake you can ship! Nothing Bundt Cakes

From Holly- I saw this film on Netflix and it was one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen. You should both check it out! :) Blood Brother

From Kristen- White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles- made these while a friend was in town last weekend–they were yummy and perfect for the season.

From Carrie- great product for diaper rash! Inventor is from Ft Collins! MoonMaker

Keep your suggestions coming! Love to get them!

homemade halloween costumes by oh happy day

October 13, 2014

mrrogersI so wish I was a mom who felt she could make a homemade Halloween costume. These amazing and fun ideas gave me hope until I realized my daughter is going to wear her Ariel costume even if I tried to convince her otherwise.  But, man are they cute!  Even I could pull off the Fluffy White Cloud Costume!!

october birthday

October 3, 2014

wolverineFall has arrived even though my boys still insist on wearing shorts everyday to school. My middle son Luke turns 7 tomorrow and he is the easiest kid in the world to shop for as he likes …. everything.

Here are some highlights- his lists are always interesting.

Heelys- my oldest son has these and Luke has been pining for them ever since

LED Titanium watch- he got this early yesterday and when I visited his 1st grade class yesterday, I saw him checking it like 100 times- pretty cool for $20

Luke= Spy Gear.  I think we own everything made by this company except the Spy Door Alarm

Wolverine Claws- yep.  Just what I was hoping he would want! I’m sure no one will get hurt with these in our house. P.S. when I searched for a picture of these, I found it frightening how many pictures there are of grown men wearing these pretending to be Hugh Jackman.

Also on his list is a memory foam pillow (too funny in my eyes), a skateboard and a remote control car.  It will be fun to see which skateboard he picks when my husband takes him shopping tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

what brave means by momastery

September 29, 2014

braveYears ago, I was hooked on Momastery. She has some very insightful posts. But in the last year, I felt like everything became heavy- just too much for me to read in my free time. I didn’t have time for 15 paragraphs! Well, this post is one I really really like. I agree- I hear parents telling their kids to be BRAVE all the time! (I think this may have increased when the movie Brave came out- it became a new buzzword of sorts!)

This article reminds me to tell my kids to listen to their inner voice. Even when we may be shouting for them to do something different- This is What Brave Means.

wisdom with age

September 24, 2014

Here’s Kelly Corrigan again, writing an amazing post about her mother! Loved it.

My Mom’s Surprising Request, by Kelly Corrigan



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