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cooking to comfort

August 28, 2014

mashed-potatoes-1_300With the kids back in school, I am hearing so many stories from moms who are worried about their kids. As my mom wisely used to quote “You are only as happy as your unhappiest child”. It’s painful to hear that another child is not being nice to your child, or to think your child is worried about going to school. When I read this story from Jenny Rosenstrach who has written one of my favorite cookbooks- Dinner, A Love Story- it resonated with me. We cannot control all the things that happen to our kids, but we can help them with a family meal where they feel loved and safe to talk about their day. After reading this, mashed potatoes are on my dinner list this week. Here is The Amazing Healing Powers of Mashed Potatoes that was featured in Real Simple this month.

Do you have meals that you make for comfort?

glitter and glue

August 26, 2014

glitterOne of my favorite parts from Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan- “If you had asked me, after I graduated from college, whose voice I would hear in my head for the rest of my life, whose voice I would want to hear, I’d have said some combination of my dad’s and my roommate Tracy’s and Jackson Browne’s. I would have continued with ten or twenty or two hundred others before I got to my mom. But now, give me almost any situation- termites, refinancing or back pain, allowance, mean girls or sibling rivalry, a child’s despair, a husband’s inattention, or my own spikes of rage and regret- and watch how fast I dial her number.”

(quicknote to you- I didn’t LOVE this book- I actually felt like it never quite came together like her previous books have. However, she writes about coming to understand her mother as she grows older, and realizes how valuable she is to her- very insightful parts for me to read- certainly an interesting book club discussion I think)

cooking in season

August 20, 2014

sauteed fresh cornI love Ina Garten. If I could invite three famous people to dinner, she would be one of them and I’d ask her to cook the meal. Her food is so easy and seems to always be a success. I made her simple Sauteed Corn as a side dish this week and it was outstanding. My husband and my boys are die hard corn ON THE COB guys- so to cut the corn OFF the cob was met with some resistance by my 9 year old. Well, it was awesome and the last words my husband said to me before we went to sleep were “That really was the best side dish you have ever made.” Too funny.

In my relationship with Ina, I do everything she says except I always decrease the amount of butter she recommends. For this recipe I used only 5 cobs of corn and only 1 1/2 T. of butter.  Based on the fact we wished there was more corn, I would make more cobs next time! Also, here is the easy way I removed the corn from the cob without a huge mess.



mom is working out

August 8, 2014

IMG_1707I absolutely love this article by Brynn Harrington- 10 Things I Want my Daughter to Know about Working Out. As my daughter accompanies me to my workout classes, or sees me come home from a bike ride all sweaty- I want her to know all the reasons exercising is awesome!

one plus one

August 4, 2014

jojoI read One Plus One over vacation last week and absolutely loved it. It started rather slow in my opinion and then I found I couldn’t put it down. I love how Jojo Moyes writes about real, flawed characters- she is a favorite author of mine! If you haven’t read Me Before You, put it on your list!

Are you reading any great books this summer?


July 17, 2014

groovebookMy sister told me about groovebook this week! Would be perfect for so many of us who mainly take photos on our phones these days rather than our digital cameras. I watched the video and I’m sold! Check it out!

july favorites

July 7, 2014

Happy July! I love this month.

Here are some recent favorites-

Bliss Grapefruit + Aloe Body Butter- love this stuff! It’s thick and moisturizing. My husband has the unscented version. Colorado residents need this lotion!

Chi Mesh Tank- this is an awesome tank as it breathes when you are in the heat and exercising. I am washing my black one over and over!

Feetures Ultra Light No Show Tab socks- the only better thing than new running shoes, are new running socks! Loving the fit of these and they are lightweight. No slip- so comfy.

Bite Beauty SPF 15 BB for Lips- this lipstick is super moisturizing. I guess I am all about moisture since I live out west! It doesn’t stay on very long, but feels and looks great when I apply.

501 Classic Camo Shoes- c’mon! These are so cute. I am wearing them all the time.

And because I always blog about food- these Ginger Garlic Steak Tacos looks AH- mazing.



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