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october birthday

October 3, 2014

wolverineFall has arrived even though my boys still insist on wearing shorts everyday to school. My middle son Luke turns 7 tomorrow and he is the easiest kid in the world to shop for as he likes …. everything.

Here are some highlights- his lists are always interesting.

Heelys- my oldest son has these and Luke has been pining for them ever since

LED Titanium watch- he got this early yesterday and when I visited his 1st grade class yesterday, I saw him checking it like 100 times- pretty cool for $20

Luke= Spy Gear.  I think we own everything made by this company except the Spy Door Alarm

Wolverine Claws- yep.  Just what I was hoping he would want! I’m sure no one will get hurt with these in our house. P.S. when I searched for a picture of these, I found it frightening how many pictures there are of grown men wearing these pretending to be Hugh Jackman.

Also on his list is a memory foam pillow (too funny in my eyes), a skateboard and a remote control car.  It will be fun to see which skateboard he picks when my husband takes him shopping tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

what brave means by momastery

September 29, 2014

braveYears ago, I was hooked on Momastery. She has some very insightful posts. But in the last year, I felt like everything became heavy- just too much for me to read in my free time. I didn’t have time for 15 paragraphs! Well, this post is one I really really like. I agree- I hear parents telling their kids to be BRAVE all the time! (I think this may have increased when the movie Brave came out- it became a new buzzword of sorts!)

This article reminds me to tell my kids to listen to their inner voice. Even when we may be shouting for them to do something different- This is What Brave Means.

wisdom with age

September 24, 2014

Here’s Kelly Corrigan again, writing an amazing post about her mother! Loved it.

My Mom’s Surprising Request, by Kelly Corrigan


in the kitchen

September 22, 2014

burritoLast week I made a couple of new recipes- of course, many from the Iowa Girl Eats blog!

I thought her Spinach, Avocado and Sun-Dried Tomato Home Fries Skillet was delicious- and easy. Served with orange juice, this was a quick and fast meal to serve my family!

I also made her Easy Chicken Fried Rice. Everyone liked it- even a friend my son had over- so I would make this again but possibly add a little more flavor.

Tonight I am making Easy Homemade Burrito bowls- it’s her knock-off of Chipotle’s burrito bowls which we are BIG fans of in this house!

A friend from Chicago will be visiting us tomorrow and I will make my go-to Inas Steak Sandwiches with The Best Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie for a dessert. I may even make the Sauteed Corn… again! It’s become a go-to as well!

Have a great week!

september favorites

September 9, 2014

I can’t get over that it’s September!! We have been getting into a routine again amidst all the coughs, ear infections and sniffles. I have had 5 red bottles on my counter for the last 2 weeks and the one thing that has kept me sane is wine this….

landee+antibiotics  Isn’t this the greatest idea? I saw this idea on Pinterest a couple of years ago and use it on all our medicine bottles. All you need is a sharpie and you are good to go. Even marking the dosage on the cup is a great time saver.

I also celebrate the arrival of honeycrisp apples back in stores! The other day I quickly made Pioneer Woman’s Caramel Sauce which could not have been easier. I cut up some honeycrisp apples and had them waiting after school with warm caramel in individual ramekins for us all to lick clean.

Brooke began preschool last week and used a backpack I bought for our oldest son 8 years ago! It truly fits toddlers instead of falling off- and evidently- as I just looked up the link- every celebrity child is carrying them too! Beatrix backpacks- such cute designs!

Who’s Aldo? He’s a kid in a book series my fourth grader loves to read about! Set in Fort Collins, this alphabetical series is a fun read- Aldo Zelnick series.

My friend Heather made Sweet Corn & Quinoa with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette the other day and I gobbled it up. Her husband added some jalapeno to it and it was perfect!

New shoe love for my toddler- Metallic Ballet Flats- bought these on a 40% off sale. They are precious.

Not to stress anyone out- but Minted 2014 Holiday cards are in! My plan is to attack this project asap! Heading to see the aspens changing this weekend and will cross all fingers the five of us will be in a picture together with all of our faces looking somewhat normal!  All moms know this is no small feat…




cooking to comfort

August 28, 2014

mashed-potatoes-1_300With the kids back in school, I am hearing so many stories from moms who are worried about their kids. As my mom wisely used to quote “You are only as happy as your unhappiest child”. It’s painful to hear that another child is not being nice to your child, or to think your child is worried about going to school. When I read this story from Jenny Rosenstrach who has written one of my favorite cookbooks- Dinner, A Love Story- it resonated with me. We cannot control all the things that happen to our kids, but we can help them with a family meal where they feel loved and safe to talk about their day. After reading this, mashed potatoes are on my dinner list this week. Here is The Amazing Healing Powers of Mashed Potatoes that was featured in Real Simple this month.

Do you have meals that you make for comfort?

glitter and glue

August 26, 2014

glitterOne of my favorite parts from Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan- “If you had asked me, after I graduated from college, whose voice I would hear in my head for the rest of my life, whose voice I would want to hear, I’d have said some combination of my dad’s and my roommate Tracy’s and Jackson Browne’s. I would have continued with ten or twenty or two hundred others before I got to my mom. But now, give me almost any situation- termites, refinancing or back pain, allowance, mean girls or sibling rivalry, a child’s despair, a husband’s inattention, or my own spikes of rage and regret- and watch how fast I dial her number.”

(quicknote to you- I didn’t LOVE this book- I actually felt like it never quite came together like her previous books have. However, she writes about coming to understand her mother as she grows older, and realizes how valuable she is to her- very insightful parts for me to read- certainly an interesting book club discussion I think)


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