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holiday gift giving 2014 part 6

December 4, 2014

swookieFrom my friend Jill in SF-

snap circuits  (Jill- these have been on my list the last two years- finally bought tonight!)
shoot the moon game  (Jill! My mom bought this for Will this year- we grew up with one- love it)
for older kids, I saw these wooden catapults you build, and trebuchet
also last year we put tickets in the kids beds one night before xmas- then when they went to bed they found out they were going out to see xmas lights in their pjs, with popcorn and hot cocoa.  little stay up late treat :)
From my friend Amy in NC:
Henry (8 1/2) and I tested out a Mookie Swingball set at our local toy store and had so much fun playing with it, he’s asking Santa for one this Christmas.

My parents had a 1970s version of these, and I can’t stop loving this Williams-Sonoma version or giving them as gifts, with a last initial engraved on them:

I’m giving one of my favorite books of the year as a gift: “All the Light We Cannot See,” by Anthony Doerr.

My husband and I have been collecting these annual Metropolitan Museum of Art snowflake ornaments since we were married 13 years ago. So beautiful.

I love these state hand stitched tea towels

We bought one of these adorable Swaddle Dolls with a blue minky “swaddle” fabric for our newborn niece/cousin.  (These are adorable Amy!)
From me: Bought this travel backpack for my three year old for our trip to Chicago and added some dolls to go along inside- and these yoyos for my boys
Believe it or not, there will be a gift giving part 7.

holiday gift giving 2014 part 5

December 4, 2014
More great ideas! You guys are helping me big time this year!
From my friend Jenny in Chicago-
Olivia asked for a chemistry set so I thought an “experiment of the month” kinda thing would be fun.  Got a good deal on The Young Scientists Club-
Betsy is getting the Little Passports global adventure and Mac is getting Sports Illustrated for kids.
We are also going to get the Ollie for them.  It is a fun rolling robot they can program themselves…seems indestructible.  (Oh my gosh! my kids would love this!)
We saw these Berg Moov ride-on kits at the children’s game and toy show.  They are built-it-yourself riding toys.
I am also in love with these scarves by Chan Luu.  They come in every color imaginable and at their price they make a perfect gift (something you wouldn’t buy for yourself).
Lastly, I ordered Flicker Box for my BFF who loves candles.  Think “candle of the month” club.  She loves it.
From my friend Ali in CT-
My faves this year are locally sourced. Pen and ink drawing of my in-law’s house that they will be selling next year and personalized stationery done by my friend here in CT.
They are also getting a guest book for their new place in FL. Picked up Tabletop questions block for in-laws for ski trip we are going on with all the siblings. And a massage for my MIL at the resort.
My father in law’s fave gift (he said fave he’s received in his life) was a shutterfly photo album of our vacation with them 2 years ago. I did another one for him of this summer’ trip.
Nieces and nephews — with Chris’s sister we give tix to a kids’ production and all go together and lunch/dinner afterward.
I give my brothers kids movie theater tix and gift card to fro yo place across the street.
I am working on experience gifts over here too. My 7 year old is getting one-on-one skateboarding lessons and this very ugly zip up hoodie he is begging for. More tomorrow!

holiday gift giving 2014 part 4

December 2, 2014

drinkstirrersMore gift ideas!

From Krista-

for the kids-
My boys are both asking for a Zike Z150. Never seen one in person but they look cool.
I got Nico this Flying Sphere at Costco. They say its put of stock online but it’s in stores.
The new KD shoes are always a hit at my house!
for me-
I just got these WeatherTech floor mats for my car in the wake of our early snow. I LOVE THEM. They put my other rubber mats to shame.
I’ve been using this Tory bag and love it. Good pockets and has a padded center compartment for an iPad. Plus, it wipes clean.
My sister Holly sent me this Pinterest link how to wrap small gifts. I am going to find small gifts just to do this!
My friend Kristy sent me this link on gifts for kids that isn’t STUFF. This has started me on a whole new path of ideas!
I can’t share too much on this blog myself as my family may feel obligated to read my posts! The one gift I have given already are Safari Animal Stirrers for the bar. I bought them through Provisions but have found them at the source Gnome Sweet Gnome now that they have arrived!  They are a great conversation piece and probably not going to be something your friend already has!
My dad has asked for the book The Opening Kickoff: The Tumultuous Birth of a Football Nation- and it’s on its way.
And I always buy my father-in-law a historical non-fiction book- and chose 41: A Portrait of my Father this year
Also, thought this Bucks County Deer Pillow was perfect for a mountain house!

holiday giving 2014 part 3

November 30, 2014

nespressoHere are more gift ideas to help you plan this December!

From Katie-

I gave Fashion Plates to Holland and she LOVES them! I tried to find a set like the one i had when I was little.

On this note, I loved Lite Brite when I was little and I found this one.

I think the Passion Planner is awesome!
For a friend: I have used Rent the Runway twice in the last few months and I’m hooked! Gift cards are available!
I also love this Miir growler and growler bike cage for every craft brew lover. The breweries I take my Miir growler to are always impressed with the insulation!
I’m reading the book Let My People go Surfing. I think it’s a great book for so many reasons.
As you know, Nutcase Helmets: love the personality for all ages
From Heather D-

I have this milk frother that I absolutely love. Tom bought it for me for Mother’s Day and I use it to steam milk, froth milk to make tea lattes,  make hot chocolates… it’s perfect! Nespresso Aeroccino Plus

From Heather B-

I love to give magazine subscriptions to friends. Favorite one to give is Sunset!

I have more to share so please keep sending me your ideas!  Thank you.

holiday giving 2014 part 2

November 22, 2014

acumatI am receiving some great gift ideas for the holidays! Thank you!

From Christine-

What a fun idea! I personally just found out about 3D fiber lashes and love them!

I’m also excited for Brig to see this Plui bath toy he is getting this year (I haven’t seen this- looks fun!)

Claire loves this inexpensive gift of Tapeffiti

Everyone LOVES this game Zingo. A great game for the little ones to join in on the fun (I agree! We played this week)

And for me? Norwex has been my latest obsession-this basic package makes cleaning so much quicker!

From Jill-

I have some ideas for adults-

The Trellie – wireless purse bluetooth thingie that lets you answer your phone (love your description!)

And this really cool, but a bit freaky acupressure mat, very relaxing!

Have a great weekend!

wrapping the gifts

November 21, 2014

uglysweaterWrapping presents is always fun for me. Paper Source is offering 20% off everything today and their wrapping is always unique and great quality. Check out the ugly sweater wrap or holiday bears which my boys always like.

You can also personalize wrapping paper with a favorite family recipe or sweet faces of your family at Minted.

For wrapping that’s truly original, check out Gray Malin’s new wrap.

I will always have a crush on Snow & Graham as I remember when they first started in Chicago. They have too many good ones to choose from- Nutcracker! Elf Hats! you can see all of them here.

Of course, The Container Store is a slam dunk too.

And kraft paper is always a great way to simplify and then dress up with fun extras.

And check out these easy gift tags! I am doing this!

holiday giving 2014 part 1

November 17, 2014

PIEBOX_WEB_FINAL003I’m shopping. Are you?  Over the next month, I will be featuring all your awesome gift ideas. Please email me what you are giving!

Gifts that are catching my eye-

Eberjey pj’s – let’s face it. They are the best.

Oh Deer socks- sold locally at Sole Mates

Buddha Board- My mom gave this to my son for his birthday- I admit to painting on it this week as well!

Remember how my sister-in-law gave this camper to her kids and you all loved it so much!! It was sold out by December. I recently bought this Yellow Cottage for our daughter. If you subscribe to their list, often they have sales. I got it at 20% off.

Smiled at J. Crew’s new band aids- something for the older set so you aren’t out and about with Dora around your finger.

Nordstrom Dark Cherry Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing – could not find a link!! Nordy’s?? My husband and I had this dressing yesterday at Nordstrom (Flatirons) and LOVED it. On the way out, I saw they sold bottles of it. I figured I would pop one in his stocking (to be honest, I would like it in mine!) so I did not buy it in front of him. If you have a Nordstrom cafe nearby, ask for it!

Know any kids who are into ninjas? My friend Diana sent me this link on DIY Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments

Everyone in Chicago loves Loris- plus they have the best designer knock-off jewelry anywhere-  here is one of my favorites – Armitage Avenue Ivy Earring – so easy to clip in and frankly, everyone thinks they are real.

Are you a baker? Want to have the cutest Pie carrier in the world? I love good design. Check out this Pie Box- I audibly sighed when I saw the carrier straps. If Pie’s not your thing like me, check out the Cake Box. It holds CUPCAKES as well – a baking world of possibilities.

Looking forward to all your ideas!


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