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digging the sand table

May 19, 2009

sandandwaterIt’s that time!  We decided to fill our water and sand table with sand in the two parts so I don’t lose my voice trying to keep the sand on one side and the water on the other.  I asked my friend Heather (who just happens to also be an awesome preschool teacher!) for ideas as her classroom is always busy playing in their sand table. She provided an incredible list so I picked a couple to share.  Here are some fun and creative ways to engage our kids this summer…

1. Dinosaur Theme: HUGE hit!

  • bury dog bones, some Easter eggs (glued together- these will be “dinosaur eggs”), rocks- and other things that could be fossils.
  • give the kids tools that an archaeologist would use… safety goggles, brushes, etc.
  • when the kids “find” the fossils, have them take them to the “lab” and measure and study them.

2. Ocean Theme:

  • bury shells, rocks, starfish…
  • include a pail and shovel.
  • play a cd of waves or seagulls in the background.

3. Buried Treasure:

  • make a map to the sand table.
  • bury necklaces, large beads, gold coins, and maybe even a pirate hat or eye patch.

*If you don’t want sand in the table, you can use rice! thanks Heather!

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  1. Amy Brittain permalink
    May 22, 2009 5:34 am

    CUTE ideas! I’m one of *those moms* who got the only-water table to avoid the sand-in-the-house issue altogether. I know, I know. But I’m planning to talk other friends into these ideas so we can play in their sandboxes. 🙂

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