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photographing your kids, part one

June 11, 2009

nicoletThis week I am going to feature two AWESOME photographers and their “tips” for parents to get the best shots of their kids.  So many of us have wonderful cameras, but could utilize more of our camera features and get closer to our small subjects.  Here are some great ideas from Nicole Thomas– my favorite Chicago photographer (and in San Diego as well!) – browse her website and you will see how great she is!

Tips for Photographing Kids:

-When photographing your children get down to their eye level.   This may mean that you are laying on the ground (for a baby shot) or sitting on the floor. This will help create an intense connection with your subject.
 -Examine the lighting on your subject, do you like what you see? If the light is creating harsh shadows or is a bit too dark, don’t be afraid to move your subject into more flattering light.
-Look at your background, is it distracting or pleasing? Can you zoom in closer to lessen the distractions, or is the background an enhancement to your image? Is there an interesting pattern that repeats, could you slightly reposition your camera to find a more interesting angle?
-Don’t be afraid to act silly, if you looking for a smile in your image. Do whatever you need to make your subject laugh or be at ease.
Get Closer!!! You can almost never go wrong.
-Notice your composition when taking your shot. Change it up, instead of having your subject in the center of the image, move the camera and compose the   image with the subject off to one side. This adds interest to your photograph. 
-Since kids are typically on the move, don’t be afraid to follow after them. Run and chase them, photograph them in action! There is nothing better than an action shot.
Experiment! Some of the best images come from trying something different. Quite often you will be pleasantly surprised.
-Shoot, shoot, shoot, you can never go wrong with too many images, just narrow down and find your favorites. Like anything, practice makes perfect!
Thanks Nicole!
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  1. Ashley Austin permalink
    June 16, 2009 1:31 pm

    We LOVE Nicole Thomas Photography as well! She is quick and friendly and takes the GREATEST pictures. Big thumbs up!

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