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it’s what’s inside that counts

August 18, 2009

lunchNow that we have discussed lunchboxes – it is now time to discuss what to put in them!!  For the really creative – there is cookingformonkeys to inspire.  Now, for the rest of us – let’s share some ideas!!  What type of sandwiches are you packing?  I am often stumped with the exclusion of peanut butter. What smart sides do you send along?  I like the idea of using different cookie cutters for cheese and sandwiches to make it more interesting. If you have a minute, please comment and give some ideas or add a website you have found helpful.

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  1. Amy Brittain permalink
    August 19, 2009 5:48 pm

    Cute site! I tend to do boring lunches for school and get slightly more adventurous when I’m managing his eating lunch at home. For the main deal, I usually just do double-decker hummus or pb (or sunbutter, it really is pretty good) Triscuits or just sandwich, quesadilla with fresh spinach chopped up inside, cheese/turkey/veg rollup, or pasta salad with cheese, chopped grape tomatoes, etc. Then add fruit, cheese stick, and something crunchy like whole-grain pretzels, Snappea Crisps, etc.

    Some other, more creative ideas I aspire to as he gets older or I get more motivated:

  2. Ali permalink
    August 26, 2009 7:28 am

    I have learned to keep it simple for Connor’s school lunches. Last year we did a lot of yogurt, cheese sticks, pretzels, cereal bars. Sad, but for some reason, anything more elaborate that he might be into at home, he didn’t eat at school. I think he was too distracted to focus on fancy food. I will aim for more variety this year though.

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