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pork on a fork

August 21, 2009

pork2That’s what we call the dinner I am making tonight. The kids think it’s funny and tend to eat more when dinner is named something silly. Since I have had two visitors this afternoon who both told me how good the house smelled, I thought I would pass on the easy recipe.  Yes, it is only 2 pm and dinner is done!! I buy one pork tenderloin (not marinaded- usually called “original”) and then grill it for 5 minutes each side on high heat, then 10 more minutes on each side over medium.  Then, I let it sit for 10 minutes on the cutting board before I thinly slice it and let it cool.  I put it in a pyrex, pour on Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce and let it sit in that all afternoon (refrigerated!) until we all are ready for dinner. About 5 minutes before I want to serve dinner, I throw all of the pork and sauce in a pot and warm it up- then slide it onto wheat buns.  I also make Alexia sweet potato fries from the frozen section. For my toddler I usually keep some pork out of the BBQ sauce in case it’s too spicy. Done.

*Special thanks to Heather Dernulc who gave me this recipe that my brother-in-law specifically requested upon his arrival today!

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