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keen on the boots

October 29, 2009

keenbootsMy mom gave me these Keen Vail boots two winters ago from Garnet Hill.  I love them!! They are so practical and comfortable.  As Colorado just got DUMPED on this week, I pulled them out again. I didn’t do a big search for them- but here is one spot I found quickly that carries all the sizes. Looks like you can find it for less depending on your shoe size.  Here’s to looking good when you want to cry that it’s snowing in October.

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  1. Allison permalink
    October 29, 2009 4:31 pm

    Too funny this is your post today… My daughter has been complaining that her snow boots are too small, and since it’s ONLY OCTOBER, we haven’t had a chance to go buy new ones yet. We were at a friend’s house earlier today, and she gave us her daughter’s 1 year old pair that are these exact ones, because she’d out grown them. They fit Kate perfectly! She’s been out in the snow all afternoon and just came in to tell me how warm they are. When it comes to being warm, I am all about the gear!!!

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