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teacher gifts, part II

November 22, 2009

Yes, we are back to discussing teacher gifts again!! (that seemed fast!)  My sister Holly has a great idea that I have been following the last couple of years:

“Years ago when our daughter was in preschool, I saw the school director right before Christmas Break.  She was being deluged with gifts all in one day.  I was thinking that it was wonderful but one gift would not stand out among the others when so much comes in at once.  I started an annual Thanksgiving tradition for the girls and their teachers.
On Friday the girls passed out handwritten letters to each of their teachers.  They wrote why they are thankful for that particular teacher and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving.  I wrote each teacher a note and included a photo of the girls. In addition, we passed out special cookies and a small gift card to most of the teachers.
Many teachers comment that they have never received a Thanksgiving note or present. During the busy Christmas time, it is nice to have this crossed off my list!

I just thought I would pass along this idea in case you wanted to do Thanksgiving notes or early Christmas notes.”
**Here is a link to teacher gifts we talked about for last year’s school year.  Feel free to comment and add new ideas!
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