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skin deep

February 8, 2010

Since I began this blog this year, I have loved getting your questions or suggestions for posts. The one question I get most is about skincare. Isn’t it amazing that with all the marketing about anti-aging and what to do to fight it, the majority of us are still confused?  I asked my friend Carrie who is an esthetician with over 20 year’s experience- “What should we be doing?!!!” Here is her response:

First off – lasers and lights are amazing for the skin. From Intense Pulse light to photo facials. I love them for women mid-30’s on.  They stimulate collagen, even the skin tone and help with any pigmentation issues.  They can be pricey, but are well worth it for those of us who are anti- injections and the knife ; )  I like peels, but hesitate with them because I am no longer an advocate of thinning the skin.  Thinning the skin definitely helps with wrinkles, skin tone and texture, but long term thinning defeats the purpose of our skin, which is to protect.  I recommend them maybe 1-2 times per year for women in their 40’s and up to amp exfoliation. Our skin does tend to get sluggish as we mature, so a good peel every now and again stimulates cell renewal and does not cause excessive thinning of the skin.  

VITAMINS!!! A, C and E are great.  I love vitamins and believe in their benefits to the skin.  Be careful of vitamin C if one is prone to acne or Rosacea.  Trans retinol and epidermal growth factor are new ingredients that I am loving in skin care.  They both help to build the epidermis. A thicker epidermis will always be less irritable and less problematic, as well as youthful.  Who wants to be thin skinned?!  
Oral vitamins as well as omega 3 6 and 9 are all good for the skin too.  And of course diet and exercise contribute to the health of our skin.  Even more so in 30’s and 40’s.  
Some products I am loving:  Osmosis, Pur Medical Skin Care is great for vitamin A and the epidermal growth factor.  SkinCeuticals is great for vitamin C, E and ferulic acid.  Anti-aging benefits and plumping of the skin are both results from these products.  If one does not have an allergy to bees….I am loving propolis!  Epicuren makes a great Brazilian propolis lotion and serum.  Very healing and moisturizing.  Great to use on children too…cuts, scraps, scars! And last, but not least… eyes, neck and chest.  Very important to pay attention to these areas always, but  it’s a must in your 30’s.  Elastiderm by Obagi is great and again SkinCeuticals has a great eye creme.  On a budget, Olay’s Regenerist line is getting great reviews.  I do not know personally.  
Also, a great tip for all is cold water. Wash your face with cold water and especially rinse cold. It constricts the pores, which in turn makes the skin look more toned.
I hope this helps!
Thanks Carrie!  Super helpful.
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  1. Allison permalink
    February 10, 2010 10:10 am

    I am not a skin expert by any means, but I love this topic, so here is my two cents. I’m 41 and have always tried to take good care of my skin thanks to my mother who has always done the same (and at 64, she looks great). And by the way, I thought that was an excellent point you made that there is soooo much information out there, are we’re all still clueless. Going to your friend’s point about the Omega 3’s etc., I swear by ground flaxseed daily(full of omegas). Of course I don’t actually do it daily, but I try. I drink it in V8. That gives you that ‘dewy,’ moviestar look we’re all shooting for. I also swear by retin-a, which I buy cheap when I visit Mexico. You need a prescription here. I used an expensive skincare line for years (MD Forte & Obagi), which I loved, but got sick of spending the money. I am currently using the new Olay Pro-X line (combined with retin-a) because it has received such good reviews. So far I really like it. Time will tell!

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