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first anniversary

April 30, 2010

Well, it’s official. This blog is exactly one year old as of this week. My sincerest thank you to everyone who has stopped by, clicked over, or searched google to find my blog. It has been so much fun to share my thoughts and read your comments!! I thought about starting this blog long before I did it, and thank goodness so many of you kept encouraging me as I really enjoy it. Thank you. I mean it.

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  1. Linda permalink
    April 30, 2010 5:18 pm

    Congrats to you Suzanne—you have some fun and interesting items on your blog. I must admit most of my favorite blogs relate only to food. There is diversity on yours and it is good for me tof branch out.
    Keep the good stuff coming!

  2. Ali permalink
    April 30, 2010 6:34 pm

    Suz–can’t believe its been a year. Congratulations!! Thank you for being such a great resource and giving me so many fun ideas and insiration.

  3. Nancy permalink
    April 30, 2010 7:59 pm

    Suzanne – I have thoroughly enjoyed the Concierge Mom! It keeps me feeling in-the-know and current… and with 3 sons – and 3 grandsons – I NEED girl talk!! 🙂

  4. Coleen permalink
    May 1, 2010 2:58 pm

    I LOVE your blog! There are so many great ideas. I always look forward to opening it up. Looking forward to many more new postings. Congrats!

  5. theconciergemom permalink*
    May 1, 2010 3:45 pm

    You guys are so sweet! Thanks!! Love hearing from you.

  6. Ashley permalink
    May 2, 2010 12:59 pm

    Good job, my friend! Love the postings…! Congratulations!

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