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melted snowman cookies

December 15, 2010

Very high cute factor!! My friend (and pastry chef) Meredith sent me the recipe for melted snowman cookies and wrote: “Have you seen these? I made individual ones for our xmas party yesterday and it was the hit of the night. One large one would be just as tasty (and less time consuming to make).”

** Okay I posted this and Meredith emailed me and said – “Ha ha, love that you posted it (kinda figured you might!). However, my note about making “individual ones, but one large would be easier” and them being “the hit of the party” was actually referring to butternut squash tarts… I suppose one big snowman cookie would work too though!”

I love easy recipes that the kids can join in on!  I think I will make these with my nieces and nephews next week-  Thanks Mere!

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  1. December 15, 2010 5:01 pm

    Aww these snowman look so cute

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