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my favorite children’s books

May 12, 2011

Following Amy’s amazing list of books she likes, I have been thinking of what mine are for my boys. Keep in mind my oldest is just 6, so there are still so many to discover.  However, here are some of our favorites:

Cowboy Small, by Lois Lenski- This is a cute board book and fun to read.  There are also similar versions about firetrucks, police officers, and airplanes- so check them out!

Dinosaur Roar, by Henrietta Strickland- Great book about opposites- we are still enjoying it!

I am a Bunny, by Richard Scarry- A very sweet book for little ones.

Breakfast for Jack, Jack and the Missing Piece, by Pat Schories- I received one of these books when I was pregnant with my oldest and wondered why someone would give me a book with no words?? That seems silly now- but that’s the gift of this book- it’s different everytime and told in a different way by everyone who reads it. Plus, my boys feel comfortable making up their own words and reading it because they know they can make up what they want.  Love it!

So Big!, Sesame Street Book- Elmo had to make it in here somewhere. We have gone through 4 books of this and then gave up!! Our boys LOVED this book- especially the end where it pops out (hence needing 4 copies as it couldn’t hold up against strong, chubby hands!).

Larabee, by Kevin Luthardt- A gift from Amy many years ago, we still read this book every month.  A sweet dog named Larabee really wants to get mail, but dogs don’t get mail!! Or, do they?

Dolly the Dolphin, by Jon Goode- We got this on a trip to Florida when our first son was crazy for dolphins and it’s gotten so much use, I had to buy another!  Dolly’s mouth clicks when it opens and it’s soft enough to catch your child’s hand in it which makes most children erupt in laughter and want to take it home!  There is a series of animals that this author has written about- so look for another favorite if your child likes a specific animal.

Chugga- Chugga Choo Choo, by Kevin Lewis- I still like this book even though it’s really more of a board book. Very creative story and drawings- would be loved for any child who loves trains!

My Little Red Toolbox, by Stephen T. Johnson- this is a seriously cool book! Flat tools come inside this book which they can then use to fix things and draw plans! I catch my 6 year old in this from time to time.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, by Mo Willems- A friend just gave our boys this last year and I am wondering where it’s been all our life?  Very silly, very funny- we love reading this book!

The Sea Serpent and Me, by Dashka Slater- Amy had this on her list already, and she sent me a copy when my second son was born.  It is the perfect book to give as a gift- so much meaning to the story and the drawings are beautiful.  My son’s call this “Mommy’s favorite book”.

Now, I know I have missed many good books on this list- and that tonight I will pull one out and think “Why didn’t I think to put this on my list!!?” but, so it goes. Please share one or two of your favorite books- I would love to know!

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  1. Nancy permalink
    May 12, 2011 5:18 pm

    Great list – I still love reading “Corduroy,” the little teddy bear with the missing overall button, and “Otis” a wonderful old tractor who gets replaced by the new model, but who ends up saving the day. A good book for little farmers!

  2. Hadley Bay permalink
    May 13, 2011 5:45 am

    Smitten is another great book.

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