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September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day! So nice to have a long weekend. Boys are still sleeping (miracle) so I am up alone for about 10 minutes I am guessing.  Our weather has dropped a bit in temperature which gets me thinking of the next holiday to rock our house- Halloween. This black house was one of my favorite decorations I bought last year.  Sign up for Horchow’s emails and you can get 35% off most of their things which is what I did.

Pottery Barn also put a lot of decorative pumpkins on their site this week and already sold out of their mercury pumpkins which sold out last year at about the same time. As a runner up idea, I like these outside pumpkins with lights on them!

This week, I also used one of these ceramic egg holders to organize jewelry on my vanity. I can see where they would be useful all over my house, but had to start with the mess of jewelry that amassed in a bowl next to my sink first. Saw this idea at IHeartOrganizing.

That’s all for this morning. My youngest is up and begging for food!


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