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encouraging new moms

January 3, 2013

babyA couple of months ago, my friend Jody sent me a link to 100 ways to Encourage a New Mom.

I read through the list and agreed with SO many! Jody was suggesting I post it on this blog but as you all know, I was still in year one with my third!  Jody pointed out that she liked #20 as it’s such a simple thing to do, but we don’t think to offer it. I agreed with #2!!! I almost cried when a friend came after I just got the baby down and stayed until she woke up- (this wasn’t a close friend so don’t wonder if it was you).  And as a mother of 3, #5 sounds wonderful for both the kids and the parents!

As every mother remembers, being a new mom has it’s ups and downs. As women, this is a great way to remember to support one another and give a new mom an hour to sleep, get out, or just feel like herself again.

Thanks JT!

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