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the fresh twenty

March 4, 2013

freshOkay, my friends. This is one of my most important posts ever! A friend recently told me about the fresh twenty. It appeared to be too good, too easy, too unbelievable…

The Fresh Twenty is a meal program where you subscribe to a weekly meal plan – it can be classic recipes, vegetarian recipes, or gluten-free. Every Friday a new 5 day plan becomes available online- you can download the recipes, plus a grocery list is already created as well as all the nutritional information posted for every meal. As a subscription member, you also have unlimited access to previous recipes-so if the upcoming week doesn’t sound like something your family will eat, you can still find recipes that do. The “twenty” in the name comes from the idea that there are only 20 ingredients you need for the week. Imagine this… seriously. You buy 7 carrots for the week and eat all of them. You buy 8 whole wheat buns and use… all of them. You have no waste. Plus, you save tons of money this way!! No buying fresh rosemary for one recipe and only using a teaspoon of it, only to throw the rest out in a week. No adding things as you randomly browse the aisles trying to create your week of meals.

We first tried a sample week. It was really GOOD. So, we did another week- it was really GOOD. I made some recipes that I know I would make again and again. Plus, you have a prep night- so if you wanted to shop on Sunday and prep Sunday night to make your workweek easier, they lay out all the steps for you. It’s so fresh (no bottled marinades, etc) and simple. We are on week 4 and I am into it. I can’t find a bad thing to say about it so I had to share. 

So- friends! Go forward and try a sample week. I hope this is for you as it has greatly simplified my meal planning and cut our grocery bill big time! I wish I had been able to come up with it myself!  It is also featured in the March issue of Shape- they include a sample week as well- here it is.

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  1. Kristy permalink
    March 4, 2013 7:01 pm

    I could hug you for this post!!

  2. Margaret permalink
    March 5, 2013 11:21 am

    This could make my work week so much easier. THANKS for sharing.

  3. ali permalink
    March 6, 2013 12:15 pm

    I am totally trying this. I just noticed I have two “fresh” packets of rosemary in the fridge. One totally brown, the other needing to be used soon.

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