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august craziness

August 20, 2013

ImageI am not sure why I am blogging today as I am surrounded by piles of things I should be doing… maybe that’s why!

My two boys started school today- one in Kindergarten and the other in 3rd grade. My 20 month old is napping and I can’t believe it’s a new school year. 

I have so much to look forward to this fall with it being my favorite season- and some extra free time during nap time! I am hoping to read during naptime rather than do laundry- I just need to figure it out!

The next book on my kindle is The Silent Wife– by A.S.A. Harrison- it sounds really really good! (And I wasn’t a big fan of Gone Girl so I am just ignoring all the hype about “if you liked Gone Girl... etc”)

I also hope to keep riding my road bike this fall- it’s new to me and I am liking it so much! Signed up for this ride in September- Venus de Miles

Finally- it’s back to cooking more at home- looking forward to it- plus cooler days sound good right about now.

More in September!

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