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end of summer

August 30, 2013

ImageNo school day here because of the heat!! At first I found this idea very foreign, but then quickly embraced the fun of being at the pool for one of our final days of summer. 

I saw some old friends today and one of them mentioned I am hardly blogging anymore. She’s right! It’s much harder to actually get to the computer these days (or get my oldest off it) and then share the latest!  

Here are some of my latest favs-

figo organic gelato– loving the salted caramel cafe

make + model pjs– I have blogged about these before but then they all sold out- they are back! and they have added tops to their comfortable lounge pants

thinking of buying a volvo? this may make the decision easier for you… the volvo overseas delivery program, sign me up!

if you are on instagram, I am drooling over travel and leisure postings– makes me want to forget I still have a toddler and skip around the world with my family!

in the latest InStyle mag, Drew Barrymore talked about 1 Second Everyday app which sounded fun. it was easy to do (sooooo easy actually) and pretty fun for .99

I bought this stella and dot bag early summer and get compliments on it everywhere- it’s held up so well, even with the many things a mother lugs around

happy end of summer!

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