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back to the kitchen

October 7, 2013

ImageI have been back in the kitchen and excited about cooking. This week, I made Ryan’s Bolognese Sauce– which made seriously 5.5 quarts so be ready! It was really delicious and my 8 year old helped me make in the morning and then we warmed it up again at night. The only change I make is I used diced tomatoes rather than full ones. I like dinners like that- you do it all and then can relax the rest of the day.

I got this email from food network about 50 things to do with Canned Pumpkin and some of them sound delicious.  I am anxious to make soups this fall as I always INTEND to and never end up doing it! I have no more excuses.

With all the apples in season, I love to make America’s Test Kitchen Apple Strudel. It not only looks beautiful, but tastes amazing.

Hope you are back in the kitchen too!

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