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fun giving part 2

November 27, 2013

parrotHope you are finding some great ideas for others!  We are on a trip and I gave my boys their boogie boards for the plane ride- priceless!! They played with them for 4 hours! I can see these boards being a huge help for traveling and at restaurants for our 2 year old.  Also, for those of you interested in Land of Nod gifts, here is a 15% off coupon code.

Have you been seeing stars wear these Home T’s? State pride!

My cousin Andrea in NY sent me these great ideas- Engineering Toys for Girls, Laser Pegs (I had never seen these! they look very cool) and on millions of kids list this year… Rainbow Loom!

I saw these at Nordstrom and thought they may be cute for my nieces who are tweens- Initials Hair Ties 

My friend Jill in SF is giving these Coro Glasses – aren’t they beautiful?

My friend Corey emailed these Color- Changing lightbulbs for her kids- how fun!

Has anyone heard of Coin? My friend Bridgette in Orinda told me about this- can really see this taking off- she said pre-release pricing is $55- cool gift for guys.  She also had great kid ideas- from super cute bibs, to balance boards for littles who wish they could skateboard, to this great book- Press Here, this girlfriend gift exchange sweater and these amazing earrings in gold from Stella and Dot- what a great price!

My brother-in-law Chris shed some light on what guys want- from a GoPro camera to these Parrot Bluetooth headphones

My sister Wendy likes Kashwere blankets and Oprah put the Kashwere Shawl Collared Robe on her “Favorites list”

And I always get compliments on my Blenko Water Bottle, so I love to give them too- so many great color choices

Finally, my fantastic neighbor Staci said she is buying these Furrific Booties for her nieces and her girls!

I will be back with more ideas after the holiday. Glad you are all enjoying them! If you are looking for more great gift ideas, check out my friend’s Erin and Tricias blog, Suburban Bitches.

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  1. December 1, 2013 7:35 pm

    It’s times like these when I wish Colorado wasn’t a square! Love the Home Tees and their cause though 🙂

  2. December 1, 2013 7:37 pm

    And the Blenko water bottle looks *right* up my mom’s alley! Christmas win!

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