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fun giving part 3

December 1, 2013

ImageHappy December! I have so many great ideas to share in my inbox! Thanks to all of you who are emailing me wonderful ideas for the season.

My cousin Meredith told me about the Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player– this is a really cool idea.

My friend Maureen in Chicago gave me a ton of ideas- slippers for her kids and these wine bottle toppers for give with bottles of wine- I smiled because I have been eyeing those every year! She also wrote- “I teach 5th grade religious ed and my 5th graders love their Ripstiks– so much so that for a couple of them it was what they were most grateful for as we were preparing for Thanksgiving and thinking of what we were each most thankful for…5th graders are pretty silly!”

My friend Heather in FC always has a beautiful calendar on her wall when I am at her house. She wrote me- “I love this calendar!  My mom gives me one every year (and has for about 10 years).  There are so many different ways to display this but bottom line, the art is beautiful.  Looks great in a kitchen!

My sister-in-law Katie sent more fun ideas- like Tom’s marketplace, Magic Jinn (young kids would love this!), and of course, she loves the gift Theo and PoCampo put together to benefit WBR- (Katie works for World Bicycle Relief!)

My friend Sarah in Chicago wrote me- I bought this boardgame last year and had to share. It is a huge hit with kids of all ages and adults:)

My friends Brian in Chicago and Carrie in FC told me they are buying Lego Architecture kits for their kids this year. These are so interesting – I have seen the Sydney Opera House in person and was blown away.

As a runner, I think I need a flipbelt! My friend Tracy in FC told me it will be in her husband’s stocking this year! And she is buying her daughter a Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair– which both of our boys still like to play with (and sit in!)

Thanks again for sharing your ideas with me!


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  1. December 1, 2013 7:32 pm

    Ooooh I want a flipbelt too!!!

  2. Christina permalink
    December 1, 2013 11:08 pm

    Have a flipbelt–holds everything and nothing falls out

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