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fun giving part 5

December 7, 2013

origramiI never imagined there would be a part 5 when I started this series but I love it! Thanks again for all your awesome ideas.

My friend Beth in Pittsburgh has four girls- and she told me  Under Armour Braided Headbands are all the rage I guess. I like all the color combinations!

My friend Krista in South Bend always has the pulse on what sporty boys want. Her son wants these Nike Elite Basketball socks– (I saw these at Nordstrom and bought my son a pair after Krista’s rec!) and these Aviators– I know my boys want a pair as they try to wear mine all the time!

I think these portable Stack Wines are a genius gift idea! How much easier are these to bring to a outside venue when you don’t have to bring cups and a corkscrew? They hold the equivalent of one bottle of wine.

Personally, this Polaroid would be on my list. The downside being you need to buy the film over and over- but it used to be like that, right?

I also read about this app- Origrami – this company transforms your most liked Instagram shots into framable prints- I think these would make for unique gifts and they ship free worldwide!

Then, there are always candles to give. I know I love to receive them. Capri Blue makes amazing candles- I have seen them sold at Anthropologie but I like their mercury collection for the holidays- plus they smell really fresh and come with a rustic wood top.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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