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happy holidays

December 21, 2013

ImageWe are now in the countdown and I am excited!! Most of the gifts we are giving are wrapped or have arrived at their destination. Here are a couple of recipes and thoughts before the day arrives!

Have you always wanted to photograph your tree with blurred lighting? Here’s how-

My friend Diana gave out bags of holiday potpourri the other night and I have been enjoying mine so much!! A great last minute gift for others and yourself! Reminds me of my mom as she always has one of these simmering over the holidays

Last year I needed a letter from Santa and used this template – quick and easy with fill-in information

I will be making my favorite cheeseball recipe this week (many times, actually), m and m pretzels with green and red candies, Ina’s cashews, Kate’s egg casserole and peppermint pie!  

A beautiful answer to “Are you Santa?”

Finally, we have had a really wonderful month of doing Random Acts of Kindness. On the way to school yesterday, my 9 year old asked me “when’s our next one?” Here is an awesome list of random acts of kindness with kids I found online if you want to get in on it this week!

Happy holidays to you all!



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