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making dinner

February 5, 2014

chickenHi all! Is everyone as cold as we are in Colorado?  Cold = I want to cook more. Here are some recipes in my lineup for the week. I haven’t tried them but reviews sound promising.

Marinated Chicken Breasts– I am not planning on freezing them- just marinating them for the day tomorrow. Based on reviews, I am going to use Balsamic Vinegar.

Mongolian Beef– My brother-in-law got me into this dish years ago and when this recipe arrived in my inbox, I realized I have never tried to make it myself. This is on the books for tonight!

Finally, I will try a version of these Breakfast Burritos for Friday night – meaning take out half the stuff for my kids and eat all the stuff with my husband! Breakfast for dinner gives my father-in-law the heebie jeebies, but we love it in my house!

Just posting these makes me hungry!

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