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breckenridge favorites

February 26, 2014

breckWe’ve been going to Breckenridge regularly for a couple of years. It is perfect temps in the summer, stunning in the fall and ideal in the winter. (Spring? hmmm) I often get asked for our favorite spots in town so I decided it may be worth posting.

Favorite food spots-

Duggans Deli– a local’s secret for really fresh sandwiches! I find that when I am back in our hometown, I crave a sandwich from Duggans!  Don’t be scared off by the basement location.

Oscars of Breckenridge– opened in August and we have been twice already in a week! YUM! It’s small, but our kids loved it and we were lucky to find a table to squeeze into. Margs are awesome!

Ember– it’s been a couple of years since we ate here- but it was so memorable and the reviews continue to be stellar. More for adults. Love their outside eating area in summer.

Empire Burger– YUM! This place delivers on really great burgers. Casual, easy with kids too.

Downstairs at Eric’s– this is a must-go with kids as they have a basement arcade. Plus, the service and food are good. My husband likes the Southwestern Veggie burger best.  We go here almost every month.

Amazing Grace– Go here when you have time to relax as there are one or two cooks in the kitchen and they also serve. Having said that, the food is so fresh and phenomenal! My husband and I love their egg sandwich on a homemade biscuit with avocado. Have taken the kids and the wait can be long so I would rather go with adults!  Sweet old house and easy parking.

Kava Donuts– Don’t go here if you don’t like your donuts fresh and made to order. I have been known to go here too often, and even on the sly with a girlfriend once when we said we needed to run to the grocery store again! In the summer, they serve Italian Ice from a cart that my kids love like crazy.

Giampetros Pizza– I hesitate to include this because they are always packed and can be a nightmare about pickup. Having said that, the pizza is good and if you can be pushy (like I can sometimes appear)- you can pick up a really tasty pizza in a normal amount of time.

Other great restaurants people love- Crepes a la Cart, Relish (still haven’t made it here as we need a sitter to appreciate), Park & Main and Columbine Cafe and Clint’s for breakfast.

I would love to hear any of your favorite places to eat too!

I will have to do a whole other post on favorite shops…

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  1. Heather permalink
    February 26, 2014 7:25 pm

    donuts on the sly? who has these great ideas? : ) love it and great run down – every recommendation you have ever given me for Breck has been great!

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