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May 12, 2014


Three more weeks of school over here! I am gleefully recycling spelling lists and checking my calendar everyday of what field trip to prep for before it all ends.

As the weather warms up, I am loving my new Josie wrap bathrobe (funny how it’s called Addictive wrap!). I bought it at our local store The Satin Camisole in a teal blue- I could only find it in red online to share with you.  The material is soooo soft and light- great for drying my hair or getting ready as it doesn’t make you hot!

I just finished reading Mudvein by Tarryn Fisher and really liked it. Here is the review- When reclusive novelist Senna Richards wakes up on her thirty-third birthday, everything has changed. Caged behind an electrical fence, locked in a house in the middle of the snow, Senna is left to decode the clues to find out why she was taken. If she wants her freedom, she has to take a close look at her past. But, her past has a heartbeat…and her kidnapper is nowhere to be found. With her survival hanging by a thread, Senna soon realizes this is a game. A dangerous one. Only the truth can set her free.  Only .99 cents on kindle! Here is an interview with the author through USA Today.

On my husband’s side of the bed is Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain.I have heard from a couple of friends that it’s a fascinating read. I haven’t read it yet, as frankly-  I can’t stop talking.

If I could rationalize this Dinuba Water Jug purchase, I would. But, I can’t see how I will go through 15 liters of water at a party- let me know if you think I need it anyway! I am a sucker for good design!

Now, something I did justify is the Luau Beverage Tub for parties! I love the size of this and I know I will use it lots!  Once our snow melts (yes, deep breath) I know it will be outside ready for a gathering.

Here are my latest cooking accomplishments- Cooking Light March cover of Chicken Cutlets with Mushrooms and Pearl Onions (my kids gobbled this up even after my 6 year old made gagging noises while I was making it), Tequila- Lime Shrimp and Quinoa Salad from Iowa Girl Eats (Tom and I loved this, kids only liked the shrimp- will try with Israeli couscous next time as they don’t like quinoa consistency) and from my friend Jill who eats gluten- free- she wrote “Adam and I love these Thai Spiced Turkey Burgers. Tonight I’m using a jalapeno instead of red chili. We don’t use bread- just top with tomato and avocado.” They are on my list to try!







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  1. Becky permalink
    May 12, 2014 5:05 pm

    Thanks for this, Suzanne! (Note: I am replying:-)). Food sounds yummy. Quiet was interesting, especially for us talkers who have quiet people in our lives. If you don’t want to read the whole thing (which I skimmed after the halfway point) there is a TED talk on it.

    • theconciergemom permalink*
      May 12, 2014 7:38 pm

      Becky! First time caller! 🙂 thanks for leaving a response. I think I should read or skim that book!

  2. Rebecca Herrera permalink
    May 12, 2014 5:14 pm

    Yummy recipes! Cant wait to try them all….. I’m making the chicken cutlets tonight!! Thanks for the great ideas~

    • theconciergemom permalink*
      May 12, 2014 7:39 pm

      Becca! I hope they like it! Crossing fingers- suzanne

  3. Heather permalink
    May 12, 2014 5:24 pm

    Fun post and ideas! Makes me excited for summer!

    • theconciergemom permalink*
      May 12, 2014 7:40 pm

      Thanks Heather! Looking forward to seeing you more often!


  4. Andrea permalink
    May 12, 2014 6:19 pm

    I love the Luau tub! Must have one!!! Thanks S!

    • theconciergemom permalink*
      May 12, 2014 7:39 pm

      In a couple years we will share over the fence! You will be at the parties anyway.


  5. Kelly permalink
    May 13, 2014 10:18 am

    Yum! Want to try the tequila lime salad!! Layton doesnt like shrimp but I could add tofu 🙂

  6. Kelly permalink
    June 8, 2014 1:08 pm

    Trying the salad tonight!! Sounds awesome!

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