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summer fun

May 14, 2014

ImageLots of fun things to look for this summer!

Spot it! is releasing it’s new waterproof version called SPLASH and it’s first timed game called FREEZE. Both look like a lot of fun. We still scratch our heads how they figured out how to only match one picture per card!

Have you played Fastrack? My friend Sarah told me about it at Christmastime and we love it. Fast and easy! I saw at the store they now have a NFL version too.

I bought Water Bazookas for both my boys this summer – not sure if this will turn out to be a good idea or not. Time will tell!

Is everyone carrying Mist n Sips at your soccer games? I think they are a great for those really hot sport days.

We will be packing our Waboba balls again this summer when we head to Wisconsin. If you plan on being at a lake or in a large body of water (not a pool) – these are so fun! My brother-in-laws and their cousins played with these more than the kids one year.

My kids don’t know it yet- but they will be playing on a pretzel float this summer. I normally don’t buy stuff like this so I know they will be surprised when I pull it out to bring to the pool. And if pretzels aren’t your thing, check out the donut!

My mom gave us Story Cubes and we just pulled them out again this month. They are really fun for kids and adults. Plus it’s a great game for when you only have 5 minutes but want to spend time together.

If you will be with a big group of all ages, Giant Spoons is great. It’s so easy for young ones to participate! Same thing for Tenzi.

Do you have great games to suggest? Would love to hear what you and your kids enjoy.





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