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summer music

June 23, 2014

broodsI am listening to it all this summer. When I work out, I like my music to be top hits and anything that motivates me to keep going.  When I am home, I always have music on. Here are some songs I like to listen to while I am cooking or hanging out.

My sister sent me this really sweet song by Lee Brice- I Don’t Dance. At first, I thought it was written from a father to a daughter but then I looked it up and he wrote it for his wife. Pretty romantic.  Click on the title to see the video.

The song that makes me laugh is Rude by Magic! Ha. My kids say I am driving them crazy by playing it in the car.

Magic by Coldplay is a great chill song. I don’t think it would get me to add another mile to my workout- but I like the rhythm.  Did anyone see Chris Martin dancing to this on SNL? Very odd in my opinion!

Loving Bridges by Broods!

Please suggest anything you are listening to!





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  1. Patti Zorr permalink
    June 23, 2014 8:12 am

    I will never let you down by Rita Ora

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