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holiday gift giving 2014 part 5

December 4, 2014
More great ideas! You guys are helping me big time this year!
From my friend Jenny in Chicago-
Olivia asked for a chemistry set so I thought an “experiment of the month” kinda thing would be fun.  Got a good deal on The Young Scientists Club-
Betsy is getting the Little Passports global adventure and Mac is getting Sports Illustrated for kids.
We are also going to get the Ollie for them.  It is a fun rolling robot they can program themselves…seems indestructible.  (Oh my gosh! my kids would love this!)
We saw these Berg Moov ride-on kits at the children’s game and toy show.  They are built-it-yourself riding toys.
I am also in love with these scarves by Chan Luu.  They come in every color imaginable and at their price they make a perfect gift (something you wouldn’t buy for yourself).
Lastly, I ordered Flicker Box for my BFF who loves candles.  Think “candle of the month” club.  She loves it.
From my friend Ali in CT-
My faves this year are locally sourced. Pen and ink drawing of my in-law’s house that they will be selling next year and personalized stationery done by my friend here in CT.
They are also getting a guest book for their new place in FL. Picked up Tabletop questions block for in-laws for ski trip we are going on with all the siblings. And a massage for my MIL at the resort.
My father in law’s fave gift (he said fave he’s received in his life) was a shutterfly photo album of our vacation with them 2 years ago. I did another one for him of this summer’ trip.
Nieces and nephews — with Chris’s sister we give tix to a kids’ production and all go together and lunch/dinner afterward.
I give my brothers kids movie theater tix and gift card to fro yo place across the street.
I am working on experience gifts over here too. My 7 year old is getting one-on-one skateboarding lessons and this very ugly zip up hoodie he is begging for. More tomorrow!
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