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holiday gift giving 2014 part 8

December 8, 2014

slackFrom my friend Katherine-love so many of these ideas!

My kids will all be getting a new pair in their stockings this year, since we’re skiing after Christmas.  If you live local, JAX has a great selection of smartwool socks.  This has also been a great gift for the skiers (aka aunts and uncles and cousins) in our life, since nice socks are really a splurge.

When I was out of commission this summer, our new slackline kept the kids busy for hours.  Great for balance and core strength.  Add an overhead rope line for little ones to be successful and practice.

These slushie/shake makers were a HUGE hit with my kids last year, so I plan on giving them as gifts to the cousins this year.  Keeps little ones hydrated, too, in these extra dry months. (WS has 25% off everything today!!)

For the entertainer in your life, this fabulous slate cheese board that you can even label the cheese names with chalk.  A friend of mine gave me one and I can’t wait to use it.

I bought this beautiful set of story cards for my little boys.  The cards have lovely pictures and “start” the story, “and then” your children continue the story with you and their imaginations.  I can’t think that they will be excited opening this gift…but I know this will make for some amazing before bed times and foster story telling.  If you are local, I bought this at the Clothes Pony.

At our rental house in Lake Tahoe, we had fabulous Le Creuset mugs that kept our coffee warm and just felt perfect in our hands.  So, we are getting a pair of these from Santa this Christmas.  I’m fond of the red, but there are a few colors to choose from.

This musical toy is amazing and sounds beautiful.  It plays songs with any one to six combination of thirteen instrument variety that YOU choose!

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  1. December 13, 2014 9:00 am

    I bought Jonathan a slack line last year – it was the biggest hit – he uses it all the time alone and with friends – great gift!

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