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December 14, 2014

beefpeppersWe still need to eat during the holidays, right? Here are some of my recent favorites.

Tonight my husband and I made PW’s Beef with Peppers. Holy cow!! This was so delicious!! Some side notes- my kids lapped this up- but we left out the red chili and the red pepper flakes. We cooked the steak as one whole piece on the grill, then sliced thin with the onions and peppers and noodles. IT WAS AWESOME. Definitely added to my cooking rotation.

I will be making this Cranberry Brie appetizer a lot in the next two weeks. It’s so easy and people gobble it up.

Last year at this time, I was totally into Clementine Cosmos! Here is the recipe.

Finally- after all this talk of gift buying, it’s time to refocus and talk about giving. Here is my post about random acts of kindness from last year. My kids are actively participating this month and we still have more to do!

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