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ok to wake

February 12, 2015

onarooOur three year old has been coming out of her bed for so long, we were losing our minds. She wasn’t necessarily interested in climbing in our bed, but she thought she was done sleeping and it was time to get up.  We tried everything, sticker charts, rewards, being tough on her- etc. I finally remembered this little clock I blogged about many years ago- of course this is the latest version- but it’s the Onaroo- Ok to Wake clock. With so many positive reviews, we ordered it and have been singing it’s praises this week. She totally gets it and loves to see the green light come on to tell her it’s okay to leave her room. They also have a nap setting, but sadly— no need for that anymore!

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  1. Brian Slutzky permalink
    December 7, 2015 3:56 pm

    We just picked one of these up for Barrett. It is taking a little bit of time but i can see that we are getting close to turning the corner on this one.

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