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february things

February 20, 2015

ayalaFirst off, my wake clock is STILL WORKING. What a game changer to have… sleep!!

I keep thinking I need to tell you all about the gloves I bought in January. Frankly, I only wore them on a trip in January as it’s been warm here- but this weekend the forecast calls for LOTS OF SNOW! My Echo Touch Gloves will be worn again!

Also, as many of you know I like to cook. But I also do cheat a couple times of week by supplementing our meals with something I can pick up quickly to shorten my prep. For instance, guacamole from Chipotle (often cheaper than me buying avos and making myself) and Chicken Noodle Soup (I buy a group soup for my kids) from Panera. My latest like is the Raisin Swirl loaf at Panera for weekend french toast. They do have a recipe card but I don’t add all that stuff. It’s great bread on it’s own and we just throw it in an egg and fry it up. This was a nice way to have something different for breakfast.

Our cousins from NYC sent our kids Hotel Tycoon and then came here to play it!! Our boys have really liked it and can play with no adult- pretty cool! I guess it’s just like Monopoly but only 40 minutes- I love the sound of that.  I am guessing we will be playing lots of it this weekend when it’s cold out.

One of my favorite stores in FC-  The Satin Camisole– sells Ayala Bar earrings. I love them! So unique and cool- I find myself starting my outfits around them first.

PS. I received our first ebates giftcard for over $80 to Target. It’s legit.

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