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that bunny

March 25, 2015

rainbow-playground-ball  Easter is around the corner and I am starting to plan. We don’t go big on gifts for our kids at Easter – just a couple fun things. My daughter was EASY! I bought her this rainbow ball and sweet ribbon twirler. For the boys, I am stumped. I am guessing I will be at Sports Authority soon looking for something fun for them.

Years ago, when discussing the Easter bunny, one of my son’s got all worried about him coming into our house. He said “I’m gonna get that bunny!” Since I did not want him to be scared, I decided to tell him that there was no Easter Bunny- it was just made up. I will never forget my other son (older) saying “What mom tells a four year old there is no Easter Bunny??” A funny moment and true! Sometimes I just feel worn out by making up all these stories- tooth fairy… etc!  I have to say, I like that I can kick back this holiday and not pretend some bunny is hopping in our house.

Last week we were in Marco Island for Spring Break. It was a great getaway with a week of perfect weather. I wanted to share a couple travel things I picked up for my three year old as they were awesome!! I found all these locally at Learning Express. First, Water Wow!– I found fairies but there are all different scenes. This gave us 2 hours on the airplane and almost every afternoon of her coloring it at meals or in our room.  Any Usborne sticker book is a hit in our house- I found a different one than the airport but we enjoyed it! I also brought a small bag of palace pets and an ariel coloring book I found at Target.

Recipes coming soon! I have some good ones to share.

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  1. Amy permalink
    March 27, 2015 7:47 pm

    I think I had a dream last night about that glorious ball! Charlie’s trying to elicit promises that his birthday present from us will be bright with lots of colors, and I’m thinking this ball might do the trick.

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