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mothers day

May 4, 2015

happy-mothers-day-2009It’s Sunday! I know all the moms know this- just putting it out there to my two male readers.

I asked some friends for what they are hoping for this year or what they plan on giving- here are some great ideas they sent me-

-This item made me laugh out loud, since this is SO me.  The “I remembered my grocery bag!”

– I’ll probably send flowers to my momma:) not sure what I want this year, a spa day gift certificate is always great!

– One Kings Lane has good ideas. And I might get my mom ebags packing cubes for traveling.  I love them, and my mom uses a bunch of plastics bags and it’s a mess 🙂

– One of the things I am getting my mom are these fun wine glasses.  Great for the patio! I am getting a garden 🙂  Last year I got a mountain bike- which I love.

– I love getting a punch card to mind stream yoga.  I do a collage frame for my mom with pictures of the boys.

– Tory Burch has a really pretty fitbit bracelet – would totally get it if I wore a fitbit!!!!

And one of my favorite responses was-

What I Would Like for Mother’s Day…..

1. For no one to ask me a single question that starts with, “Where is…..” because that will require me to move.

2. Uninterrupted time watching Bravo.(refer to #1 while Bravo viewing is in progress)

3. Someone delivering a mimosa and some scones. (see #1 and #2 so you will know where to deliver the items and how to do it without disturbing the flow – Fredrik on Million Dollar Listing New York may be closing a deal and a high kick might be next.)

4. To not wash a single dish, article of clothing or body part.

5. To not have to ask, “Are you SURE you have everything?” before breaking the land/speed record to get to practice on time because the answer is no.

6. To have the alien that has invaded your body making you slower than I ever thought possible go back to its home planet for the day.

😊 actually…’s what would be really fun…..

I like going to Home Depot the Saturday before and picking out flowers to plant on Sunday.  We’ve done this since S was a baby and it’s fun. The result is always beautiful!

Anything that can bring about relaxation – facial, massage, punch card for yoga or barre classes.

Going on a morning hike and bringing food for a brunch.

Quality time watching crappy tv or reading is always nice.

Hope this helps!
Love to all you moms out there! I hope you are celebrated in the ways you hope!

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  1. Jenn permalink
    May 9, 2015 6:34 am

    so funny! i love how straight forward you are!. I hope your family read this so they know exactly what to get you. 🙂

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