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holiday gift guide 2015- Part 5

December 13, 2015

buzzersOkay- back to gift giving- here are some cool gifts to give!

We copied our friends Alissa and Tim when we bought our boys the Basketball Double Shot Arcade System for our basement. We are in that in between stage of not playing with as many toys, so we needed to figure out something new and fun- the reviews are good.  They also told me about the Polaroid Cube which is like a less expensive Go Pro.

My friend Kristy shared this sweet gift with me- Just Between Us – she wrote me- “Izie picked it out from Clothes Pony a while back and we’ve both loved it. We write in it when we can, and then quietly leave it on the bed for the other person. It’s been a fun exchange.”

From my friend Amy with two boys under 10-

a 10-gallon aquarium for the kitchen counter. Our goldfish Bobbly is about to be very jealous! Nerf Lazer Tag set, set of 2 LL Bean sleds, winter pajamas and a few books (Marvel and DC superhero encyclopedias have been good gifts the last few years for Henry; this year: Avengers), Zummer Zuppies, and a giant Talking Minion!

Other Ideas she is looking into-

Makey Makey–  Wink Board Game, Ring It! The Clap and Ring GameFamily Feud game with Answer Buzzers,  and a Laser Pegs Space Fighter Building Set.

Fragrance gifts-

My friend Amy H. is a big fan of Nest Birchwood Pine candles– beautiful packaging too! And I LOVE Thymes Fraser Fir Diffuser– since we have a fake tree, this totally tricks everyone into thinking it’s real! Smells like a fresh cut tree. My sister Wendy is crazy for the Cote Bastide Ambre Crystals – she first smelled it on a trip and now swears by it around her house. You can split them up into smaller bowls to spread the love!

Car and restaurant toys- I realize some of you are passed this but I’m not- so here are some good ideas for those of you who need a relaxing meal out with the kids over the holidays! Kid O Free Play Magnatab, Boogie Boards, and Water Wow!. Even my older boys play with Boogie Boards in the car– they are a great invention!

More to come- please send me your ideas!

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