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holiday gift giving guide 2015- part 6

December 17, 2015

clapperhey all!

This may be my final post with gift ideas as things tend to get busier this week and then the kids are NOT IN SCHOOL for over 2 weeks!

If you want more ideas- go to the drop down on the right under Category and look up “gifts” – all the guides from previous years should pull up- and frankly- if they were a favorite thing then, they probably still are!

From Adam-

One item I own and like is the REI Co-Op down vest.  The jacket is pretty cool too.  They fit great, good colors, and they are an affordable alternative to Patagonia.  They also come with the REI warranty which is a bonus.
From Wendy-
Jambox speakers- great teen gift
Some of my picks-
My boys love to wear a tie on the one day a year they dress up- thought these were fun by Cufflinks
I love my S’well bottle and have given many as gifts this fall. I especially love their exotics collection!
Recently, I ordered from and have been SO happy with their flower delivery. First, the flowers are so fresh. You can smell them when you are around them- which isn’t always the case! They also don’t ship with a vase which I appreciate as those are donated afterwards in my house.  I use my favorite vases and love to have them around. I think a gift of fresh flowers would be such a luxury! You can have them shipped once or even quarterly.
If you can order quick, the thumbprints are so awesome from mpix. I chose 50 of my favorite pictures (mostly from my instagram account) and had them sent to me- they are like old Polaroids in size and fun to see the year that way.
Finally, had to include the Clapper! You all may remember these from when we all grew up. My son Luke asked for one for his bday and it turned out to be an awesome and fun gift. Love hearing him clap as he enters and exits his room!
Happy Holidays!! XOXO
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