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2016 gift time

November 29, 2016

legoadventHey friends- throwing together some of my favorite gifts to give AND some of my favorite bloggers lists- so this could be a big one.

Stocking stuffers-

Popsockets– maybe I was the last to know about these, but both my boys just spent their own money on these as they didn’t want to wait for Christmas. At $10, these are a great gift for tweens and adults! NPW Sound Machine, Starbucks gift cards , Misting fansAloha Orchid Soap (I am crazy for this smell), Rocket Balloon and pump (this is crazy fun for kids), goggles, and more googles.

For your inlaws and parents- Chatbooks– this is can be done on your phone or computer- so fast for me- I loved it and I think the price is right. Here is a free book if you want to try one.

As for my boys this year, it is all tech. Playstation, Go Pro and anything Apple. The upside of this is I buy fewer things and know that I have nailed it.

My daughter is so easy. She likes it all. I did nab a Hatchimal before the scarcity hit and I feel lucky about it as she wants one VERY much. Other gifts include her first small dollhouse, the  Lego Friends Advent calendar and some sweet things from American Girl. Also, a friend gave her a Mermaid Blankie Tail for her birthday and she is crazy for it. I still keep great things in the car for her like the boogie board, and water wow.

Books for kids- The Book with No Pictures (our 5 year old loves loves this) , The Little Red Toolbox (this book is so fantastic for littles, has survived my three playing in it over the years), I Survived Series– I love reading these with my middle son and learning more about historical moments, any Hank Zipzer or Diary of a Wimpy Kid book has been magic for my boys.

Gifts for anyone- Farmgirl Flowers– was totally impressed with their beautiful flowers and presentation when these arrived. Really unique.

Cookbooks- Of course, Ina has Cooking for Jeffrey. Also, 100 Days of Real Food – a wonderful friend and cook sent me this and I marked about 50 of the 100 pages to make- yum.  Cravings – I keep seeing this and the reviews are SO positive- on my list!

Living with Landyn- now it does appear she has a larger budget for Christmas than I do- but I got some great ideas from her lists! For tween girls, for boys, for us! , and for men.

Sunny Side Up- If I built a house, I would build it similar to Erin’s. Her gift list is fun and practical in my eyes. This list and this list have some great ideas.

My friend Tracy introduced me to The Every Girl- so so many good ones here.

Sequins and Stripes- a blogger from Chicago! Whoop. Here are some fun ones- for kids, for the traveler, for guys (really liked some here) and for the homebody.

And Andrew Harper put out a great list for 10 Smart Travel Gifts– and I think they are great. Especially for in laws or friends who frequently travel- some cool ideas.

I hope you find something here that excites you to give to a friend or family member. Happy holidays to you all!

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  1. November 29, 2016 11:27 am

    Always look forward to your gift ideas!

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