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i can’t help but add more to the 2016 gift list

December 14, 2016

barefootA couple more gift ideas-

Boon Pipes– I think we are just aging out of these but love these for little kids and bath time!

Pool-Pets– Reading the reviews of these and I think they sound incredible! No more looking for a compressor for me! The first kid who brings one of these to our neighborhood pool may start a domino affect.

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan– A friend wore this which prompted me to buy one, and then I ordered another as a gift for my mother-in-law! SOOOO soft and many good colors to choose.

FitBit Blaze– I wear mine everyday and I love it. Many people assume it’s a Apple Watch but it’s not- although you do receive text messages and a vibration when your phone rings. I love it!! Plus it makes me very aware of my step count everyday. There really isn’t a downside.

Finally- a gift for any age! And extra charge cord- love how this is longer and stronger (and frankly, cuter) than the ones Apple provides. Charge Cords.

Merry Merry!



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