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starting clean in the new year

January 27, 2017

Happy New Year!  Many of my friends have said they like January for the reset option it gives us. I agree! I also like to clear out my closet, my pantry, my freezer, etc! In my quest for all things organized again, here are some of my recent clean favorites.


Clean skin- (and no, this isn’t me! I would never have the guts to share pictures of me like this! But good for this girl Laura who I found when I researched “Before and After with Rodan + Fields”)

Rodan + Fields Reverse – I’m not sure about you all, but Proactiv was my life saver in high school and college. I just saw it at Target the other day and bought my oldest a set of it. It WORKED for me! The creators of Proactiv are now Rodan + Fields and my friend, Christine,  started posting before and after pictures from their products which peaked my interest. I decided to try it this fall and really like some things about it—

1. It tells you exactly what to do every night- this is meaningful to me because I truly have no clue what products I should be using and in what sequence. I have bought all the good stuff but always wonder- Is this right to put on if I already put on — ??? Or, even more- I have like 15 bottles of things and no idea what is good or not. So, I like just sticking to MY regimen.

2. It smells good. This is legit as some of the stuff I have been willing to put on my face… did not.

3. My skin is really clear.  I am not having breakouts and feel like it’s gentle and moisturizing which is key when I live out west!

4. This product lasted a long time! I just had to reorder this month- for the first time since October.

If you want to check out Rodan + Fields, click here. You can take a questionnaire to see what’s the best regimen for your skin. I also am using LASHBOOST– and it’s no joke! My lashes are long! I keep it by my toothbrush so I never forget! (I am not making any money off any orders- I am just passing it along so you all know what I like!)

Clean home-

Dyson v8 cord -free vacuum

Okay- legitimately could sing from my roof about this vacuum. I have never had a Dyson and always felt like I’d be paying up for the name. BUT, I visited my sister in Louisville this month and she had one for her hardwoods and I offered to clean them for her- to which I was introduced to the DYSON. I have hardwoods on my entire first floor and have tried the (totally useless) Dustbuster to the broom and pan, to my huge vacuum and this cord less was a game changer. First off- I now believe cords are so 2016. Second, this vacuum is 6 pounds which means my 5 year old can do the whole first floor on her own! Hallelujah. Personally a V6 would have done the job too, but the V8 has a longer charge and I decided it’s not something I will be buying soon so I paid up. I was encouraged to buy at Costco since they have such a flexible return policy if I needed a replacement so I did. As evidence how much I like this vacuum, I happily allowed two of my kids to play with kinetic sand on our kitchen table as I knew I had the Dyson to suck all of it up! (If you allow your kids to play with kinetic sand, you know what I mean.)

Clean Sink-

Scrigit Scraper– I saw this in Real Simple mag and ordered online. It’s one of those tools everyone needs as we all get gunk around faucets, sinks, etc. This tool addresses that stuff! And it’s cheap, so there’s that.

That’s all for today-  I love hearing from you all about your favorites so please share by email or leave a comment! thanks.

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  1. January 31, 2017 9:51 am

    I’m so pleased to hear your positive feedback about Rodan+Fields! With four core regimens to help sun damaged, sensitive, acne-prone, or aging skin, and Lash Boost for longer/darker/fuller-looking lashes, there really is something for everyone. And with a 60-day empty-bottle refund policy, there’s no risk to try it out. I’m happy to help anyone interested!

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