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it’s been awhile

June 27, 2017


Mayday! I have written a couple of posts since January but every time I go to publish it, I receive an error notice! Since I am technically challenged, this has been so frustrating so I am trying this on another server today! Will see how it goes.

I have so much to share- let’s see how much I remember of it!

First … food! –

These waffles are on repeat over here- easy and when I have extra, I make them and then reheat in the toaster. Delicious!

Whoa. My friend Holly made this the other night and it was INCREDIBLE! Coconut Tres Leches Cake – a hit with everyone!

House stuff- Studio McGee is a great design firm and on top of it- they sell awesome accessories on their site! This floral vase has quickly become a favorite of mine – it just calls for LOTS of flowers! It is currently sold out but you may enjoy looking at all their other things for sale.

Native deodorant. My old school deodorants aren’t cutting it anymore- so I ventured into the world of more natural ones with lots of advice from friends. I tried a bunch and this is the clear winner for me! Works after an hour run- tennis, etc! I am a fan of it-

My favorite tennis skirt is on sale- Lost in Pace– some friends prefer ordering it in tall for length-

I load my backseats with stuff for kids to do in my car. Always a fan of boogie boards for all ages – and also the Kid O Free Play Magnatab– I can’t get over how many kids want to play this is in my car! Even 10 year olds ask for their turn!

Summer reads-

Living with a Seal– this book is HILARIOUS. I have given about 5 copies to friends in the last 2 months! If you are someone who loves to work out, get it. It motivates!

Present over Perfect– this has been on my bedside table the last month with a pen on top- I find I am reading it in short bursts and underlining and underlining. It’s deep and meaningful. It’s also religious- by Shauna Niequiest

On another note, I have read so many books in the last 3 months. I am a library junkie! I enjoyed these but wouldn’t rave about them – Shelter, Edgar and Lucy, The Couple Next Door, — feel like there are many more but I am blanking!

More another day- but please remember to give me your favorites! I pay attention. And to those of you who have texted or inquired- “are you still writing your blog anymore?”… here it is. Thanks for asking. XO





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