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time flies

September 6, 2017

NewDarlings-Away-03-1024x768The kids are back in school, and I feel like the days still fly by!

Here’s what is on my list as of late:

BOOKS! I am back to reading and loving it. Some recent favorites: The Identicals (light read, funny), The Secret She Keeps (couldn’t put it down) and next up is Watch Me Disappear.

GIFTS: It’s my bday next week and I have already received some awesome gifts! You know this makes me think about CHRISTMAS early so I thought I would share! This heritage hose -in  yellow!!- it’s on my front porch and helps me get to my front pots- it’s so lightweight- like — weighs nothing- and is so cheerful and purposeful. Any gardener you know would love this instead of their clunky, heavy, kinking hose.

Away Luggage– this has been on my wishlist for months and my mom and dad just sent me some – can’t wait! Love the built-in charger and the good looks. further support of their bags...

Mahabis – who has these? Tom just ordered me some – I hear they are awesome! As one who loves to wear slippers, I believe I will be a fan.

That’s all for tonight! Hope all is well and you are all enjoying these first back to school days. XO

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