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cooking with a friend

October 12, 2017

GrilledCodWhiteBeanTomatoPacketsMy neighbor and friend Sarah and I decided to start cooking two meals a week together. I honestly thought this would happen one week and then we’d get too busy or not organized enough to do it again. Well, we are looking at week 6 now and it’s become a really fun habit! We both like to cook and it gives us a chance to talk while getting two meals prepared.

This is how it goes down- one person shops for all the food for two meals and we split the bill. This is so awesome and cuts costs. Normally I only need half a bag of lettuce or two green onions, etc- but this way we split it all and split the cost. We alternate every week. The person shopping chooses the two recipes and texts them to the other to make sure their family will eat it. We cook around 1 pm the day of the first night. This part is great- we catch up while we divide and conquer! I usually grill while Sarah makes a marinade or chops and mixes. If we can’t do it when kids are in school, we divide the recipe and exchange the food around 6 pm! Luckily we live next door! I think my kids are getting used to opening the door to finding Sarah holding a big bowl of rice!

Here are some of my recent favorites- (this is also awesome because I get new recipes from Sarah!)

Mongolian Beef– this marinade was addicting and my family said it was better than PF Changs.

Garlic Smashed Potatoes– I omitted the cheese but Sarah didn’t for her family. YUM!

Grilled Cod, White Bean & Tomato Packets– this was amazing. Sadly, this is more of a dinner party recipe I think as only one of my children would try it. The others, I just cooked the cod in some butter and olive oil and that worked. My oldest son said it was one of the best things I’ve ever made- like restaurant quality. Unfortunately, Tom was out of town and missed it- but making this again for an adult audience.

Pork Tenderloin in Michelle’s marinade – still a slam dunk! Sarah’s family really liked it!

Flank Steak with Chimichurri sauce over rice- I was literally spooning this sauce on it’s own into my mouth! Definitely making this again.  This was the closest recipe I could find to how Sarah makes her sauce. She also adds shallots and doesn’t add the crushed red pepper.

Sticky Ginger Soy Glazed Chicken– WHOA. This recipe came from my friend Juliana and Sarah and I LOVED it! Easy and so tasty! And the noodles– delicious.

Hope you try some of these- I would love new recipes that your family loves!


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