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saturday holiday shopping 2017

November 11, 2017

marlOkay, here goes- more favorites!

Make + Model best boyfriend Lounge Pants– I have these in Gray Marl- and I LOVE them. I gave them to my MIL this summer and she just ordered another pair. These should be on YOUR list.

White +  Warren Cashmere Travel Wrap– this is a total luxury gift but it’s hands down the first thing I pack for when I travel. I have it in black. It’s large and so soft. I bundle it up as a pillow for flights or throw over myself when the plane is cold. At night, I use as a wrap if it’s chilly. I gave this to my mom for Mother’s day a couple years ago and she can’t stop raving. She uses it on her trips too! My daughter wraps her whole body in it and sleeps on the plane! When I get home, I put it in the washer on delicate and hang to dry. 15% off on their site, or locally- Solemates sells this and I bought mine there. When I went on google images for a picture of this, I was flooded with celebrities wearing it – Charlize, Carrie Underwood, Blake Lively, Katherine Heigl… and me!

Holiday Good Natured Soy Candle- I love the smell of Balsam and Cedar. I bought these tins for anyone I want to give a small gift to this season- colorist, hair cut, people I like, etc.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Body Butter– Living in Colorado, body butters save my skin! I like the citrus scent best. I gave this to my friend Susan last year as a hostess gift and she recently told me she has given it to many friends since.

BP moto leggings– these are by no means high qaulity, but I do appreciate an elastic wasitband during this time of year.  I bought in black and the price is sweet.

Drop Stop– I need this and so does everyone! PS. I love Sharktank.

Rechargeable Vanity Mirror– I realize how this sounds, but whatever! I love mine. Totally does the job as my aging eyes need it. I charge mine maybe once a month and then use daily.

Ideas from my friend Amy-

Soft throw blankets for the kids. My boys are always arguing over using the softest blanket in the family room, so I got them each a plush blanket with a sherpa side for them to cuddle up in. From Costco, but they look similar to these.
Bitters set –  I bought local ones for my husband for his fancy drink-making, but I like the looks of a set like this one.
The kids use their December allowances to choose a gift for others in need, and the World Vision catalog is their favorite. In the past they’ve chosen mosquito nets, soccer balls, fruit trees, and ducks.
Grown-up stocking stuffers:
Tea drops organic sampler set: Tea Drops are organic pressed teas that dissolve in your cup. Comprised of USDA organic tea, spices, and lightly sweetened with raw sugar, Tea Drops can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, just by adding hot water.
Pura Vida bracelets for a cause: The bracelets are pretty and just $5. We have lots of causes we love, so it wasn’t hard to find pretty options for the women in the family. * Amy- I love these! Had them on my list to add to my niece gifts. They are cool!
Swedish dishcloths: I have high hopes that these lovelies will replace gross sponges forever, and am testing them out on my SIL first. 😃
Onion goggles! Is it crazy that this is the thing I’m most excited to give (and I’m asking for some too)? My friend raved about her onion goggles and how wonderfully they work (the day after my temporarily blinded eyes and I suffered through a mountain of onion chopping for chili). They say pale eyes might be more sensitive to the chemicals in onions? Anyway, these are going to look ridiculous but I can’t wait!
Farm to Feet socks: These are the best socks. Soft, durable, and cute patterns. They’re US-made (actually most are made in NC, where I live). We all love them! *Amy- I love the ones you sent me! Saw them sold in our Whole Foods! Buying some more!
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