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october updates

October 23, 2018

slpyI am officially posting almost daily @theconciergemom on insta- but decided I would do a summary here for those of you who like to click and SHOP!

Here is what I have added recently- gift ideas-

Sara Happ Lip Slip– Latest and greatest thing in my purse- my friend Amy told me about this the other night! Actually stays on for me and has a little shine.

Glass Artist markers– When you don’t use stemware often, these come in handy! Makes an awesome hostess gift and wipes right off in the dishwasher or by hand.

LuminoLite– I have bought 4 of these lights in the last 2 months! Initially I was just getting creative for my kids to read before bed- and I thought they would think it was fun! Then we shared a hotel room as a family and I borrowed one and loved it. Did I mention they charge by cable? So easy. Side note- I had to remove this from my 6 year olds room when we put her to bed as I found her awake and playing with her toys by it at 10:30 pm one night!

The Clapper– yep. remember this? Well, our middle son put this on his xmas list one year. It really is awesome! Plus kids love to clap when they walk in a room and have a light turn on!

Capri Blue Aloha Orchid diffuser– aloha! Do you love the smell of orchids? I found this locally and have multiple in my house! They also sold the hand lotion which I keep in my purse. It’s like a mini vacay to Hawaii!

Produce bags– I wish everyone used these. I can’t believe we are still using plastic bags at the store for every bag of produce we purchase! I store these in my car so it’s a no brainer.

CATS! cat headbands– My daughter LOVES cats! I am allergic so these headbands came into our lives and get compliments everywhere we go! Plus- the colors! So cute and price point is cheap. 3 years later, we still have at least half!

Sports blanket! Was at Scheels and my son saw a wall of these blankets- of course he wanted a Cubs one- but all teams are represented! SO SOFT! And price point is great for any sports fan!

Vitafusion- Hair, Skin and Nails– Not only do these taste really good, they WORK! My nails change whenever I take these! Sold at Target or you can buy online. Keep away from your kids- they love them- and frankly- don’t need longer nails!

Halloween Animated Eyeball doorbell– another Target find! little kids are loving this when they visit. I hung it under our regular doorbell and it even lights up at night!

SLPY wearable sleeping bag– I posted pics on instagram of me wearing this (shown above) and you all either thought this was amazing or ridiculous! I’ll tell you what- when it’s blowing wind and cold and you have an hour and a half to endure cold temps sitting at a game- this is your new BFF. My friend Kelli wore one of these last spring and I asked her many times about it but sat shivering in my winter jacket and lightt blanket. I decided this season- NO MORE. Not only could I sell these out of my trunk, people photographed me and asked for info! You don’t have to wear it long- it cinches at the bottom and you can tuck it under as short as you want. The armholes have zippers too- and you can zip them closed from the inside. Genius. Some designs are great- others are just ugly- but bottomline- get on this for any sports fan! Also sold at– many better desing options than Amazon. Search “Slpy wearable sleeping bag.”

Orolay winter coat– well here it is. The coat that blew up the internet- or amazon. I read about this last year on some instagram story and gave it a go! If you haven’t picked up what I am putting down, I’m tired of being cold. And this thing doesn’t disappoint. I bought this last summer and had the first opp to wear it 2 weeks ago, I have gotten many compliments on it! Even though it isn’t figure friendly per se- more like a sumo wrestler, but still cute? I can’t describe it. But let’s say I don’t look like the model in the pic! And I’m okay with that.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffles- If you want a heavy duty, great for travel, cool bag- check out this bag. We use our big bag for every weekend that we travel to the mountains or for camping- so durable and TOUGH. Also has backpack straps for easier carrying should you choose. They have water proof versions too. Great gift!

That’s all for today! More recipes coming and lots more on insta if you want to follow along.



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