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last minute touches

December 21, 2014

pineconeIn the countdown! Maybe that’s why I am up at 5:42 am for no good reason?

Saw this awesome way to wrap a wine bottle and wanted to share. I love to wrap and hadn’t thought to do it this way! Could also work for olive oil, etc.

And here is an easy way to make a Rosemary wreath place card.  Or another favorite, a pine cone place card.

Two more last minute gift ideas from friends- Deluxe Roominate- cool way to build a house! And Labyrinth Balance Board- fun and a no joke ab workout I bet!

Happy holidays to all of you! Off to the store to start decorating my holiday table.

december things

December 14, 2014

beefpeppersWe still need to eat during the holidays, right? Here are some of my recent favorites.

Tonight my husband and I made PW’s Beef with Peppers. Holy cow!! This was so delicious!! Some side notes- my kids lapped this up- but we left out the red chili and the red pepper flakes. We cooked the steak as one whole piece on the grill, then sliced thin with the onions and peppers and noodles. IT WAS AWESOME. Definitely added to my cooking rotation.

I will be making this Cranberry Brie appetizer a lot in the next two weeks. It’s so easy and people gobble it up.

Last year at this time, I was totally into Clementine Cosmos! Here is the recipe.

Finally- after all this talk of gift buying, it’s time to refocus and talk about giving. Here is my post about random acts of kindness from last year. My kids are actively participating this month and we still have more to do!

holiday gift giving 2014 part 10

December 13, 2014

instacubePart 10???!!! I am a little surprised myself!

My friend Corey wowed me with her list of gifts- things I had never thought of for my boys but which they would LOVE!

Uncle Milton Moon in my Room and Celestron FirstScope Telescope

and this Vacationer Jewelry Case for her mom – love all the individual inserts!

My cousin Kristen sent me a link to something I WANT! Instacube. I love it!

My friend and decorator Susan from Restyle Design gave me this super cute candle from Anthro. It smells like we have a fresh tree- love that.

These Kate Spade ballpoint pens made Oprah’s list this year. I love the color combinations. And if you know me well, I always carry my own pen!

PS. Was just in World Market and they have a ton of fun stocking stuffers.

other stuff

December 11, 2014

jenisLike my very original title? I guess you could say I need a break from thinking of Christmas tonight!

Just heard about this book from a friend as I was telling her how tired I am of my three year old visiting me in the middle of the night - All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of Modern Parenthood by Jennifer Senior – I will be picking it up soon

Our incredible local cheese shop, The Welsh Rabbit, made an amazing cheese platter the other night and I was totally wowed by the French Cheese Brillat Savarin with papaya. I don’t eat cheese that often, but I will be getting another order of this before Christmas!! Try it.

Speaking of local finds- do you know Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream from Nashville is being sold local??? Seriously friends- at WF and Super Target.  Granted it’s about $10 a pint, but… and another local company NOOSA (sold nationwide now) made a pumpkin yoghurt that is amazing! I would have never tried it but I was lucky to have a sweet friend insist and drop off a container.

Have a great weekend!

holiday gift giving 2014 part 9

December 10, 2014
My friend Holly sent me her list- she said these all make great hostess gifts too-
Zum products are the best-smelling soaps/lotions/sprays evah!
This candle called Frosty Zum in minty pine flavor is my favorite.
Frankincense and myrrh hand lotion by Zum
Cocomels – coconut milk caramels
Other ideas from me-
Last year my husband gave my boys stock in their favorite company- Dr. Pepper! He created his own “certificate” to present to them at Christmas and a list and pictures of all the brands that fall under DPS stock. Our kids have watched their stock grow and recognize the companies products wherever we go. It’s been a great learning experience.
I got this beauty blender after a makeup artist recommended it to me. People are gaga over this! If you have a favorite things party- bring one! Can you believe there are over 2700 reviews on this product at Sephora???
And guys!! Get these for your wife this year- Sorel Joan of Arctic boots- they are like slippers!! I know they don’t look like it – but they are soooo comfortable. I could have sold them off my feet this week I have gotten to many inquiries!

holiday gift giving 2014 part 8

December 8, 2014

slackFrom my friend Katherine-love so many of these ideas!

My kids will all be getting a new pair in their stockings this year, since we’re skiing after Christmas.  If you live local, JAX has a great selection of smartwool socks.  This has also been a great gift for the skiers (aka aunts and uncles and cousins) in our life, since nice socks are really a splurge.

When I was out of commission this summer, our new slackline kept the kids busy for hours.  Great for balance and core strength.  Add an overhead rope line for little ones to be successful and practice.

These slushie/shake makers were a HUGE hit with my kids last year, so I plan on giving them as gifts to the cousins this year.  Keeps little ones hydrated, too, in these extra dry months. (WS has 25% off everything today!!)

For the entertainer in your life, this fabulous slate cheese board that you can even label the cheese names with chalk.  A friend of mine gave me one and I can’t wait to use it.

I bought this beautiful set of story cards for my little boys.  The cards have lovely pictures and “start” the story, “and then” your children continue the story with you and their imaginations.  I can’t think that they will be excited opening this gift…but I know this will make for some amazing before bed times and foster story telling.  If you are local, I bought this at the Clothes Pony.

At our rental house in Lake Tahoe, we had fabulous Le Creuset mugs that kept our coffee warm and just felt perfect in our hands.  So, we are getting a pair of these from Santa this Christmas.  I’m fond of the red, but there are a few colors to choose from.

This musical toy is amazing and sounds beautiful.  It plays songs with any one to six combination of thirteen instrument variety that YOU choose!

holiday gift giving 2014 part 7

December 4, 2014

bushnellMy friend Allison told me this is an awesome GPS golf watch.  Her father-in-law LOVES his. Bushnell is the brand but her family has all different ones.

My friend Kelly at A Fashion Mantra created two gift guides recently- one for her and one for him.

Restyle Design created their first gift guide for home and friends here.

My friend Abbey is giving her boys a snowblaster (similar to this one) for their cabin and copper mugs for Moscow Mules for adults.

Diana told me she loves her Sodastream (I keep hearing this from friends!) – she also wrote “We got one this year and love it.  I got one in a “starter” kit so it had a variety of flavors.  There are only a couple we ended up really liking – Diet grapefruit (me) and some lemon lime (Olivia).  BUT…it is GREAT for tonic.  Tonic is the absolute key to a good G&T and that is Steven’s drink of choice.  Also, great for seltzer water.  Environmental, too…”

Some extras from me-

I am giving this Just Because Set to my niece who is 12. I think it’s so cute!

I am sending my animal-loving nephew (9) a Hexbug Aquabot as they are SOOOO cool and fun.

Love Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream- smells so nice and great for dry nails in the winter. I buy at Target.

Blax Ponytail Holders- besides cool packaging- I have yet to have one snap or tear my hair after I’ve worn. My hair stylist reco for me and he is right! I have ordered 4 packages at a time so I have them everywhere. No more ripped hair.  I buy clear, but they also come in black. Read the reviews!

Swooning over these Soap Stones- I would just stare at them if I ever saw them in someone’s bathroom!

Finally, if you know me- I talk about this knife ALL THE TIME. It’s the Pioneer Woman’s favorite knife and I choose it over all my other knives everyday. Let’s face it- she knows what she’s talking about!


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