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spring favorites

April 14, 2016


I made these amazing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with my daughter the other day except she was adamant that we NOT use raisins, only chocolate chips! I used a dark chocolate chip and the results were…. INCREDIBLE. My husband told me these could be my TOP cookies.

The Easter bunny brought Brooke a bunny from Warmies. She is a stuffie girl but this one is taking all the attention from the others as you warm it up in the microwave before bedtime. She just LOVES it.

I have a new favorite hand lotion. Not only is it totally moisturizing- it smells AMAZING. It’s Capri Blue Aloha Orchid Lotion and locals can buy it at Heyday – I did! Makes a great mother’s day gift for your mil or mom- my mom LOVES hers.

go-to clutch in black- Loeffler Randall Tassell Pouch

favorite vase- Anthro’s pinched glass vase

new favorite wine- Wine by Joe Pinot Gris

app that my boys are on ALL THE TIME-

movie I’m so excited about since I loved the book- Me Before You– June 3

dream mountain home by Studio McGee

always glad to hear about your favorites too- so send me an email or leave a comment-






mid march favorites

March 7, 2016


Hi all! Quick round up of some favorite things.

Rainbow carrots are back in season – my kids love the colors- sometimes meals need the fun of a rainbow! And we tried a Sumo Mandarin last night (ugly fruit) and it was delicious!

The best chocolate chip cookie skillet – I think I blogged about this last year when we made it- and my husband and son made it again last weekend- soooo amazing! Kind of rich, but unbelievable!

Just read Boys in the Trees by Carly Simon. She has led an interesting life and I never knew she stutters- amazing to learn that with her fantastic career singing. Many parts I skimmed as I didn’t know all the performer’s names, but for the most part- I liked it.  Poor James Taylor- I don’t think he has any secrets left after she wrote this memoir!

I was psyched to see this Metal Photo and Card Holder online at Magnolia Market. I bought one a couple of years ago for my holiday cards and LOVE it. There are tons of clips attached so you can add them quickly. I am buying another as one isn’t enough!

Thought this cake was a sweet idea. Always good to catch your kids off guard- in a good way!

Tried Blue Apron last week and forgot to cancel this week in time. We had an awesome shrimp dish and an okay chicken one. Oddly, my husband loved BOTH nights. That probably means the chicken dish was healthier than I like my meal to be!  We have two more meals shipping this week and then I will make a decision if it’s a good aid from time to time.

Found Honest Dish Soap in white grapefruit at Target and we are fans. It smells so fresh.

Have you ever planted wheatgrass seeds in time for Easter? SO EASY. Seriously. If you plan ahead, these babies grow in a week and a half and are a great centerpiece.  I have zero talent in growing something and even I do this a couple of times a year.









it’s just a phase

January 28, 2016

Oh my. My friend Allison sent me a link with a warning I would probably need tissues. When all is quiet in your house (right!) watch this video. Although my daughter is still in a tutu phase, I can see my oldest son in this too. 8 minutes long.

happy new year 2016

January 10, 2016

sweetishhappy new year!

Sharing some quick things that have come into my inbox lately-

Trader Joe’s Customer Choice Award Winners

16 Goals to Set for Next Year

and some new finds-

Loving this dish soap smell! Honest Dish Soap in Lemon Verbena- I found it at Target

Stiga Table Hockey Game– I love this game! We have been keeping it on our kitchen table as we are playing so often. Becomes addictive.

Toddler Little Sleepyhead Pillow– Brooke needed a pillow for her bed that was smaller than an adult pillow and I took a chance on this based on all the positive reviews- it’s adorable in the pink case! She LOVES it.

Crate and Barrel dip bowls– I ended up buying more with the holiday sale as we use these more than any other bowl we have. I know it says it’s a dip bowl, but it’s a cereal, yogurt, dessert bowl in ours!

SMaK Salve– My friend Maureen and friends started this company and she sent me a kit of their products. I am using the Salve all the time- cuticles, dry lips, elbows, feet- love it! I will be reordering from this dry state I live in.

and for a REAL treat- order these Sea Salt caramels! My sisters and my mom had these when we stayed at a hotel in Scottsdale and begged for more from the concierge. Now we are ordering them on our own and the owner Julie couldn’t be nicer. Sweetish Treats– YUM!




holiday gift giving guide 2015- part 6

December 17, 2015

clapperhey all!

This may be my final post with gift ideas as things tend to get busier this week and then the kids are NOT IN SCHOOL for over 2 weeks!

If you want more ideas- go to the drop down on the right under Category and look up “gifts” – all the guides from previous years should pull up- and frankly- if they were a favorite thing then, they probably still are!

From Adam-

One item I own and like is the REI Co-Op down vest.  The jacket is pretty cool too.  They fit great, good colors, and they are an affordable alternative to Patagonia.  They also come with the REI warranty which is a bonus.
From Wendy-
Jambox speakers- great teen gift
Some of my picks-
My boys love to wear a tie on the one day a year they dress up- thought these were fun by Cufflinks
I love my S’well bottle and have given many as gifts this fall. I especially love their exotics collection!
Recently, I ordered from and have been SO happy with their flower delivery. First, the flowers are so fresh. You can smell them when you are around them- which isn’t always the case! They also don’t ship with a vase which I appreciate as those are donated afterwards in my house.  I use my favorite vases and love to have them around. I think a gift of fresh flowers would be such a luxury! You can have them shipped once or even quarterly.
If you can order quick, the thumbprints are so awesome from mpix. I chose 50 of my favorite pictures (mostly from my instagram account) and had them sent to me- they are like old Polaroids in size and fun to see the year that way.
Finally, had to include the Clapper! You all may remember these from when we all grew up. My son Luke asked for one for his bday and it turned out to be an awesome and fun gift. Love hearing him clap as he enters and exits his room!
Happy Holidays!! XOXO

holiday gift guide 2015- Part 5

December 13, 2015

buzzersOkay- back to gift giving- here are some cool gifts to give!

We copied our friends Alissa and Tim when we bought our boys the Basketball Double Shot Arcade System for our basement. We are in that in between stage of not playing with as many toys, so we needed to figure out something new and fun- the reviews are good.  They also told me about the Polaroid Cube which is like a less expensive Go Pro.

My friend Kristy shared this sweet gift with me- Just Between Us – she wrote me- “Izie picked it out from Clothes Pony a while back and we’ve both loved it. We write in it when we can, and then quietly leave it on the bed for the other person. It’s been a fun exchange.”

From my friend Amy with two boys under 10-

a 10-gallon aquarium for the kitchen counter. Our goldfish Bobbly is about to be very jealous! Nerf Lazer Tag set, set of 2 LL Bean sleds, winter pajamas and a few books (Marvel and DC superhero encyclopedias have been good gifts the last few years for Henry; this year: Avengers), Zummer Zuppies, and a giant Talking Minion!

Other Ideas she is looking into-

Makey Makey–  Wink Board Game, Ring It! The Clap and Ring GameFamily Feud game with Answer Buzzers,  and a Laser Pegs Space Fighter Building Set.

Fragrance gifts-

My friend Amy H. is a big fan of Nest Birchwood Pine candles– beautiful packaging too! And I LOVE Thymes Fraser Fir Diffuser– since we have a fake tree, this totally tricks everyone into thinking it’s real! Smells like a fresh cut tree. My sister Wendy is crazy for the Cote Bastide Ambre Crystals – she first smelled it on a trip and now swears by it around her house. You can split them up into smaller bowls to spread the love!

Car and restaurant toys- I realize some of you are passed this but I’m not- so here are some good ideas for those of you who need a relaxing meal out with the kids over the holidays! Kid O Free Play Magnatab, Boogie Boards, and Water Wow!. Even my older boys play with Boogie Boards in the car– they are a great invention!

More to come- please send me your ideas!

holiday gift giving guide 2015 – book suggestions from the girls

December 9, 2015

For al

humansAs Oprah says “What I know for sure…” is the list of reco books is forever long. Feel free to comment with some of your favorites below!

From Christina- The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (I second this suggestion, loved it!) Furiously Happy by Jennifer Lawson- serious subjects, but laugh out loud funny.  She also wrote Let’s Pretend this Never Happened– awesome as well. Favorite non-fiction is How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims – the former dean of freshman at Stanford- great ideas for raising  kids who are self sufficient. 

Ali- Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown

Julie- Just read a YA book with my daughter- A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. Very sweet.

Amy- Humans of New York is a fantastic book gift- coffee table book too- love love love it. Carry On, Warrior for all the moms by Glennon Doyle Melton. Uprooted by Naoimi Novik is a grown-up fairytale, Bone Clocks by David Mitchell was weird and wonderful, and The War that Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Cradley is a YA book that I personally adored and found fantastic!

Jennifer- My husband suggested this book for his dad:  Letters of Note: An Eclectic Collection of Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience
And my husband LOVED this book a few years back – Salt: A World History

On my list to check out- My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinham and Songs of Willow Frost by James Ford (he also wrote Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet) For more of my favorite books, go to the right side bar of this page and choose the drop down under category of “bedside table”. You will see quite a list!

I always want to hear what you all are reading or giving!