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who’s shoes id, an important piece of velcro

April 29, 2009

shoetagWhenever I am in a department store or a playground- I usually spot one child doing something dangerous while their parents are no where in sight. My sister told me about who’s shoes i.d. – they easily velcro around a child’s shoe (or cowboy boot!) that provides family contact information that most children would not know how to give if they were separated from their family. I bought them and can’t stop telling others to do the same!  Yesterday, while buying kid shoes at Nordstroms, the clerk told me that she had never seen them before and that they were such a great idea.  Wouldn’t it be a great idea if Norstrom’s  gave a shoe tag with every child’s shoe purchase?  How I wish I could get paid for that idea… it is so in line with their good customer service!

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