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November 11, 2013

ImageHappy November! Hope you are all doing well. I have received some emails this fall of some favorites from you– here are some to consider!  Thank you for telling me about your new finds.

From Justine:  “I used the smoker bag below last night and had to tell you about it – we have a smoker insert for our gas grill but I saw this bag at Walgreens of all places & thought I’d try it. I was worried about chemicals but it seems to be natural. I put chicken breasts (seasoned with olive oil & a rub) in the bag & put the bag on our grill for 30 minutes – the flavor was amazing & the chicken juicy & moist! An easy way to have smoked meat with buying a smokey joe!” Emerils Smoker Bag- Hickory

My friend Jill made this Mediterranean Quinoa Salad and loved it- I still need to make it. Will try this week!

Sarit emailed me about Planetbox – she wrote “I just ordered 3 sets of these lunch boxes for the kids and thought it might be something you’d like. Food safe, Eco etc.” I watched the video and it seems like a great idea. Would love to hear if any of you use these!

Kristy emailed me about the Cinch Tote she traveled with- “This was a great bag last time I traveled.  It got a bit heavy when full, but I could shove it under the seat in front of me easily and it held everything that I needed while traveling with a kid.  I give it a thumbs up and I used to work with the guy who started this company.  He is awesome, so double thumbs up!”

My sister Holly sent me a picture of this Good Seasons Salad Dressing packet and said it’s the best dressing! She loves it.

I asked a bunch of friends who cook what their go-to cookbook is these days. My friend Mandy wrote “My new favorite cookbook is Dinner, A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach. She has a blog and writes for Bon Appetit. I wish I could say I cook out of it often, but when I do I love it. It is all about the family dinner.” I quickly borrowed this from our library and have about 15 recipes chosen for the next couple of weeks! I love the way it’s written.  This would make a great gift for a cook!

Have a great week! And please send me any of your most recent finds- I love to hear them.

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