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school time

September 2, 2016


All 3 kids of mine are in school. It’s a strange reality as I have been home for the last 12 with at least one by my side! The realness hasn’t set in quite yet- I am just happy to be in the grocery by myself or to have our house remain clean during the day. Plus, I have some new found time- which allowed me to blog today!

gizmo gadget– this phone watch (above) has changed our lives for the better! Our 8 year old son wears this (and now, half his friends as well!) and it’s been so great. With just 10 numbers that he can call or text, and a gps locator- it’s awesome. The silver lining is we convinced our son to work for this watch all summer by reading and completing math goals- and the bonus is we wanted him to have one! Sneaky.

Kat Von D tattoo liner– this liquid eyeliner goes on so easily and isn’t tough to remove at night.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket– I found this blanket in Breckenridge and it is the most in demand, softest blanket in our house. It makes a great gift and they have different colors and styles on their site. Great for fall!

Has anyone made a chatbook? Seems so easy. It’s on my list. Already thinking of presents for the holidays!

Stance Super Invisibles– I buy these at our local store- Solemates. I like them SO much I am on a 3 pair rotation this week. You can’t see them in my favorite Nike Tennis Classics. Another favorite!  I am a size 8 in the socks and prefer a size S.

An oldie but goodie hopped back in my meal planning this week. Nice to have a no-meat meal in the mix. My husband and my oldest like this as do I. I still had to make a separate meal for the younger two. But, with the ingredients, they could eat them separated and add in other extras. Thai Fried Quinoa.

I am reading At the Water’s Edge– by Sara Gruen –  and I am halway through and excited to get back to it tonight.  She also wrote Water For Elephants which was so good.

Hope all of you are enjoying this time of year as much as I am!


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  1. September 12, 2016 8:20 pm

    Hi Suzanne! Not sure if you remember me, but just wanted to see what your concierge biz was so I clicked on it. (Happy birthday, by the way!!) Your blog is so fun and full of great ideas! I will definitely try making the Thai fried quinoa! Sounds delish! Enjoy your bday, I can’t believe all 3 are in school…I think you were pregnant lady time I saw you!😳

    • theconciergemom permalink*
      September 13, 2016 10:22 am

      Hi Dena! Yes I remember you! Thanks for this really kind note! Hope you find something valuable or fun here. Thanks for saying hello. Suzanne

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